Look, we’ve all locked our keys in the car. Some of us have even locked our keys in the car while the engine is running. And maybe the car isn’t in park either… The point is, spacing out isn’t a solitary crime — it happens to the best of us. And nothing turns a good fail into a funny epic fail better than a witness!

Yes, boyfriends and girlfriends are always there for you, for better or worse, and the good news is the worse isn’t always bad. These loyal partners caught their loved ones in the midst of some brilliant fails that prove the “bad times” can still be really charming.

1. This guy had a bright idea: in order to dry his shirt faster, he would toss it in the microwave. Needless to say, he was a little shocked it didn’t work out.

2. The point of Connect Four is to align four of your pieces in a row — horizontal, vertically, or diagonally — while blocking your opponent from connecting their own four. In other words, she lost about as fast as humanly possible.

3. Nothing gets a guy in touch with his rugged roots like collecting firewood to cook up some raw meat. This guy, not much of a gatherer, took a shortcut and just jammed a whole log into the grill. Fail.

4. One guy tweeted this pic with the caption. “Thanks babe. SMFH.” Woah, dude. 1. You’re welcome. 2. Babe was just looking out for you keeping your Kraft supes fresh. You can SYFH all you want as you make your own sandwich tomorrow, bro.

5. This girl just texted her boyfriend to see if these were HDMI cables… A good rule of thumb is if it looks Like An HDMI Cable, acts like an HDMI cable, and has ‘HDMI’ engraved on the cable, it’s probably an HDMI cable.

6. One reddit user recalled a partner’s past fail: “She was out for a run one day, and when she came back, she said an animal charged at her,” the user wrote. “I asked her what it looked like, and she said, ‘like a cow, but brown.’ It was a cow.”

7. Speaking of cows, this couple wanted to find out who was the better cook between them. The girlfriend thought she’d cook up a steak, but when her boyfriend walked into the kitchen he saw she’d prepared it very rare.

8. This guy tried to take his girlfriend fly fishing for the first time. Hey, if anything he should feel validated that his lady still thinks he’s a total catch. Now reel him in!

9. A woman asked her husband to pick up raspberries and blueberries. He came back with this. But hey, though they’re called “blackberries,” colorwise, they definitely are edging towards purple berries…which is pretty close to blue on the color wheel. This is an acceptable error.

10. Another redditor recalled his wife’s hilarious gaffe. She “flipped out because her third grader came home with ‘erect’ on a spelling list and was on the verge of calling the school,” he wrote. “She honestly had lived her entire life not knowing [the word] had any other use.”

11. Her husband is 6’2″. She is 5’2″. This is what happened when he checked “hang the mirror” off the honey-do list. Hey, at least she knows her forehead looks great.

12. You say tah-may-toe, and he says tah-maw-toe. He says pa-tay-toe, and you say pa-taw-toe. But, like seriously babe, that is not how you cut an ah-va-caw-toe.

13. This man joked to his buddies about his wife asking him to drive her car to work because some ‘”alert light” was coming on. This woman joked to her buddies that she tricked her husband into filling up her empty tank. Thanks, hubs!

14. His girlfriend asked how he was enjoying his artichoke beer. Of course, he rapped back, Its actually a hip hop hibby, no artichokey jokey, in my beer beer, but yo cheers, cuz hip hop hibbies and artichokey jokies are both in the thizz thizz thistle fam. thistle fam.

15. When his girlfriend walked into their apartment for the first time, she commented, “wow, you guys really like physics.” To which he replied, “nah babe, It’s just a metaphor for people so dense that light literally bends around them.”

16. She asked her boyfriend what the NO button meant on the heating pad. Let’s clear one thing up, no means no. But Sometimes it also means turn your device right side up.

17. When her cycle hit she asked her husband to grab some pads on his way home. This is a period, not degeneration. Let the woman at least hit menopause first.

18. This really sounds like she was trolling him. In any case, at least that catastrophe happened early on in the relationship. Sounds like they weren’t the purrfect match after all.

19. His girlfriend said she didn’t want to lose the keys to her lock. Hey, technically speaking, she will probably not lose those keys. How much use that will be when she’s trying to unlock the darn thing is…uncertain.

20. Her husband wanted to surprise her and have freshly baked cookies when she got home. To be fair, he’s only ever seen the cookies on the cooling rack, so we can kind of understand… kind of.

21. When her husband accompanied her to the OBGYN, he asked the doctor if she was a Texas Longhorn fan. Everyone, please send your condolences along for this woman and all the other wives whose husband sees a longhorn in this picture.

22. This is actually a great vetting process for men. Ladies, now we just need to work out a smooth way to casually bring up breastfeeding on a first date. If his response if anything like this — “CHECK, PLEASE!”

23. You’d think when you’re holding milkshakes that would be the time to be extra vigilant? We’ve all been there, though. Who among us hasn’t accidentally walked into a clear glass door after failing to realize that it was a solid object?


24. Apparently, she dropped her phone down there and tried to go retrieve it. She should have seen this coming. Not only is she now going to need a new cell phone, but she’s probably going to need new shoes and pants, too.


25. “Mmm… how appetizing!” Even if this was a joke (and one would certainly hope that such a thing would be a joke, albeit a bad one), it really shouldn’t have gotten to the point where somebody actually printed it.

fail-1Twitter / @theJeremyVine

26. These friends, are the faces of regret… after all, who would ever think it would be a good idea to bathe with the cat? Everybody should already know that they generally have a reputation for not enjoying any time spent near the water, right?


27. There’s definitely such a thing as getting too into the game! Usually, you realize you’ve reached this moment before you’re broken the flatscreen television, but, hey, sometimes you’re not so lucky.

fail-5 (2)Imgur / dothash

28. How could you possibly deceive yourself into thinking this would turn out well? Sure, we all know that, for the most part, every baby in the world is adorable in their own way. Yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll look good on tattoos!


29. “I messed up guys. I messed up real bad.” Let’s face it: hammocks are never nearly as comfortable or relaxing as you want them to be. That’s certainly true for us humans, but it must be especially true for other animals!


30. “You mean it’s not supposed to work like this?” Hey, can you really blame this dog for not understanding the very concept of chairs? They’re not designed for pooches after all, so what are our furry friends supposed to know?


31. Some poor soul learned the hard way that the “M” in MRI stands for “magnetic.” Worse yet, these machines cost absurd amounts of another “M” word: money. Can you even imagine the nightmare of fixing something like this?

fail-9Imgur / fulcrumbs

32. How did nobody catch this? You’d think several people have to sign off on it before something like this actually gets made! Can you imagine somebody actually making the decision to purchase this for a child?


33. Those aren’t too expensive or time-intensive to make, right? One of the things that’s so priceless about this photo, too, is the fact that this was taken just moments before that cake (and, presumably, the wedding) completely fell apart.


34. Talk about door-to-door service! Just when you started to think that FedEx wasn’t as reliable as you’d like it to be, now they’ve decided to be more “direct” than ever. Sure, it ruins your door, but who cares when it’s that fast?


35. What did Mom say about eating snacks in your room? Of course, she didn’t say not to fall through the floor and into the ceiling of the next room, but does that sort of thing really need to be said?


36. Okay, so this is easy to do if you’re not paying attention… but still, come on! This is why New Jersey has the right idea when it comes to pumping gas. In order to avoid mistakes like this, you have to leave it to professionals.


37. “Somebody, please help me immediately. I’ve made a huge mistake.” You sure did, you silly kitty. Cats are certainly known for making their way into all sorts of different containers, but this is completely ridiculous!


38. You can tell the regret is already slowly sinking in. For one thing, the spacing is such that it looks like Justin Bieber is all one word. Unfortunately, tattoos have a tendency not to wash off…


39. This is what happens when you get greedy! This cat may have learned his lesson, though, because this is a punishment of practically biblical proportions! Hopefully, his owner was able to safely get that thing off… eventually.

fail-17Reddit / wildcatlady

40. Sometimes when you’re hanging with your bros, things just get out of hand, and before you know it your sick dance moves have killed a car. We’ve all been there, right? Hopefully, this person had “dancing insurance.”


41. This is that moment when you realize it’s going to be twice as hard as you expected to be a mother. The fact that this Timehop photo was found a year later, though, hopefully indicates that things worked out!

fail-19Reddit / iciclewind

42. The shortest distance isn’t always the safest distance! You may think that you’re saving time, but when you take into consideration all the time that you’ll have to spend recovering, you realize that it’s not worth it!

fail-20Imgur / dothash

43. “It’s not too long between stops, right? Right?” As unfortunate as this situation is for this woman, she’s actually quite lucky that she didn’t get decapitated. Hopefully, she managed to escape eventually!

fail-21Reddit / dummystupid

44. That’s got to be one awkward phone call! “Hey Frank, yeah, it’s me, Jeffrey. I… um… I don’t know how to say this. But I kind of lost the cars. Like… all of them. Yeah, I don’t think we’re going to be able to get them back.”


45. Welp… guess somebody’s staying home until spring. That really does look like quite the sticky situation. How the heck was this driver supposed to get out of it during the dead of winter? Hopefully, the car wasn’t stuck for long!


46. “Wow… what excellent form! A perfect ten!” What other explanation could there be for something like this other than the idea that somebody was literally trying to “nosedive” their boat? It begs the question, though: where the heck could they have fallen from?