Every day we’re presented with tough choices: Do we give the homeless man a buck? Do we help the woman carrying a stroller up the stairs? Do we make sure that stray animal will survive through the night? Sometimes we walk by, but when we have the opportunity, why not show the world a little love?

While we’re busy living our hectic lives, it’s important to stop, set it all aside, and lend a helping hand when we get the chance. These 20 people took a moment to share their good spirits and fortunes with others, and they were rewarded with face-splitting grins — and sometimes, even more!

1. “Whoa, are those really sharp?” “You can touch them if you wanna see.” This young boy’s day was made once he got to touch a punk’s spiked jacket. Don’t worry, they’re not dangerous.

2. When a young little rugby fan fell ill, Irish rugby captain Brian O’Driscoll visited the girl in a hospital, bringing with him nothing but the Heineken Cup. Their faces say it all.

3. This ‘street barber’ is out every day, offering haircuts for the price of a single hug.

4. When you’re homeless, you haven’t got much to give, but it’s often those who are less fortunate who are happy to share what little they have. This man saw a dog who was without a home as well and made sure to keep him fed, comfortable, and loved.

5. Many good deeds that go viral on the internet consist of animal rescues, and for good reason: risking one’s life to save an unknown animal is selfless. These boys who went viral made this little sheep happy as a lamb.

6. Usually, it’s the mail carrier who brings us something, but it’s important to remember to give back sometimes. They brave rough weather, exhausting walks, and barking dogs to deliver our letters and packages, so it must’ve been nice for this mail person to find a surprise in the box!

7. When the girl on the left hurt her ankle, she thought she’d never win the race — that’s when the girl in the white set the match aside and helped a peer finish what she started.

8. When someone less fortunate gets a job or a pay bump, they sometimes spread the joy! After earning his first paycheck, this man treated a homeless boy to McDonald’s. No doubt, he was lovin’ it.

9. Rest in peace, Phoebe, your owner is carrying on your legacy. Losing a pet is incredibly hard, but helping other pets be happy is a wonderful way to deal with that loss. “Remember to live just like your dog: with unconditional love, loyalty, and happiness!”

10. This security guard at Disneyland knows that everyone can be a prince or a princess, not just the adults who were hired to do so. As soon as he spots a kid in a costume, he runs up to them and asks for their autographs!

11. Elephants are incredibly intelligent creatures, so when they’re held in captivity, they get bored, stressed, and depressed. When Chendra from the Oregon Zoo looked a little blue, her caretakers took her out to see other exhibits — she loved the experience!

12. When this young boy saw a police officer enjoying his breakfast, he begged his parents to cover his check. Not only did the officer enjoy a free meal, but he also got a special note on the receipt that touched his heart and made his day.

13. It’s crucial to watch out for helpless animals stuck in floods, fires, and other dangers during natural disasters.  If you don’t have the strength to carry a Lab to safety (and we don’t blame you), a garbage bin on wheels makes for a great mode of transportation!

14. A kind passerby literally took the shoes off his feet so this young stranger didn’t have to walk on the hot concrete for even one more step.

15. A little boy parked his scooter against this pole every day for a year on his way to school. The law said bikes couldn’t be parked there, but it said nothing about scooters, so the police provided him a sticker to keep his spot free!

16. The man on the right reads aloud to his illiterate coworker every day during their lunch breaks. It’s a nice relief from forced workplace conversations and a relaxing way to break up the day. We wonder what they’re working on, A Song of Ice and Fire?

17. After this mother was caught stealing a couple of eggs to feed her children, this officer brought her two bags full of groceries rather than arresting her. It must have been her lucky day.

18. Being short at a concert is never that much fun, but being wheelchair bound can be even more challenging. That is, until a couple of strong pals in the crowd help you up! Hey, if they can handle a few crowd surfers, they can handle one rocker in a wheelchair.

19. It must have come as quite a surprise when this man’s family gave him a specially designed chair that could master both the sand and the ocean! Everyone deserves to dip their toes into the water.

20. Always help elderly people cross the road, even if you have to stop traffic to do so. Next time you’re trying to get from A to B, help someone else do the same, regardless of whether it’s absolutely necessary or you simply want to make them smile!