When you have a gut feeling that something isn’t right, it’s your body’s way of saying, Hey! You! Listen to your intuition, regardless of rationale or reason. Our bodies — thanks to those deeply ingrained primordial instincts — make judgment calls that can prevent a dangerous situation or even save a life.

When two college football players spotted a woman behaving oddly on the side of the road, they shared gut feelings that something just was wrong. So instead of just passing by, the boys intervened, forever changing four lives in the process…

Jack Long and Shane Simpson, from Saint Joseph, Missouri, attended Missouri Western State University and played on the football team together. They were training hard for the 2011 season.

Practices were tough in the late August heat. The Missouri Western Griffons football team needed to be careful not to overdo it, so the team ended practice early to relieve the players.

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Jack and Shane carpooled together, so they left and started making their way home. For whatever reason, they took a different route home that day. Along the way, they noticed a bit of a commotion happening on the side of the road.

As they got closer, they realized there were two women hitting the window of a car with a hammer. They assumed they had probably locked their keys in the car.

But as they continued on their way home, something didn’t sit right with them. The two women looked too panicked and frantic to be trying to get to just keys. They turned around to see what was really going on.

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This is when they met Teresa Gall. Before they could even park the car and open the door, Teresa was running up to them begging for the football players help. Jack and Shane’s gut feeling was right.

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See, Teresa was visiting her sister and niece for the day. She was babysitting her grandson, Liam Snook, and finishing up the visit when the outing took a nosedive. She placed Liam in his car seat and turned around to hug her sister goodbye.

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In doing so, Teresa didn’t realize that she had thrown her keys in the front seat and closed the back car door. She quickly realized all of the car doors were locked and her 17-month-old grandson was trapped inside the car on a scorching 95° day.

Teresa knew the clock was ticking. If they couldn’t get to Liam soon, the outcome would be heartbreaking. Teresa’s sister ran inside to call for help, and Teresa’s niece grabbed a hammer from the shed.

Teresa was hitting the glass as hard as she could, but the window wouldn’t break. Teresa and her niece took turns trying to break the window, but they were losing strength in the heat.

Within a few minutes of Liam being trapped in the car, the baby started showing signs of heat stroke. He turned bright red, cried for help, and threw up uncontrollably.

Teresa, in a panic, started praying to god to send someone to help them. They clearly weren’t strong enough to break through the window on their own. That’s when her prayers were answered…

This was when Jack and Shane pulled up to the scene. She frantically ran up to them and explained there was a baby trapped in the boiling hot car. As soon as they understood what was going on, Shane grabbed the hammer from her.

He ran up to the car determined to save the baby. From just one look at him, he could see Liam was indeed suffering from heat stroke. He’d learned the symptoms of the deadly condition at football practice.

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Shane lifted the hammer high above his head and swung down as hard as he possibly could in an attempt to produce a destructive blow. In that one swing of the hammer, the window glass shattered.

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Teresa jumped in front of Shane and reached inside of the window. She unbuckled Liam and plucked his red, fragile body from the car. Teresa ran inside with the baby to give him water and relief from the dangerous heat.

Jack and Shane wanted to give the family some space, so they went back to their car and left. They couldn’t stop thinking of the helpless boy and wondered if he was okay. So, after 30 minutes, they went back to Teresa’s home and checked on baby Liam.

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They were relieved to find out that Liam was going to be just fine! Teresa was so incredibly thankful the boys stopped to help, so she offered a monetary gesture to the boys. The football players had something else in mind.

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Jack and Shane asked that Teresa and her family come to the next home football game to cheer on the Griffins. They even offered to let baby Liam come down to the sidelines and play with some of the football gear.

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Teresa was happy to spend time with her heroes. She could never do enough to repay them and admitted to not knowing much about football — but she has vowed to learn and is now the team’s biggest fan!

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