Mark Hardy
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People Are Going Nuts Trying To Find The Cleverly Concealed Detail In This Photo

By Mark Hardy

Thanks to camouflage, animals stay alive on the mean streets of the wilderness. Years of natural selection gave animals the perfect attributes to blend into their surroundings with ease, seemingly altering reality. In nature, what you see is not always what you get—animals make sure of that.

Man Brings His Service Dog To A Prison Then Watches The Pup Take Off Without Warning

By Mark Hardy

Any dog owner knows that their pooch can be so much more than a tail-waggin’, ball-chasin’, bundle of energy with distinct personality and unwavering loyalty. Canines can help those suffering mentally or physically and can even play a big role in the recovery process. If you’re looking for proof just ask Iraq War veteran Bill Campbell…

A-List Celebrities Who Actually Married Their Own Biggest Fans

By Mark Hardy

Celebrities make romantic connections in weird ways, just like us normal people. It may seem like the rich and famous are only interested in rubbing elbows with each other, but that isn’t always true.