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Strange Structure In The Desert Could Be Proof That A Famous Bible Story Is Real

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

For Christians around the world, the Bible is considered to be a sacred text. Even for people who aren’t religious, the Bible contains stories that have become touchstones for many. But how much of what’s written inside of its pages is the truth?

Renovations In Ice Cream Shop Basement Expose A Sight That Makes The Owner Flee The Country

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

Ice cream shops are popular and whimsical locations. Who doesn’t treasure sneaking off to the nearest creamery and indulging in a scoop or two of their favorite flavor? Ice cream parlors are nostalgic places that can help even the most stressed-out adult take a deep breath and savor the simpler things in life.

Rare 'Sea Wolves' Have People Questioning Where Dogs Really Come From

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

For centuries, wolves have been feared by villagers who feel the canines might snatch children from beds or wreak havoc on the village’s livestock. Wolves, those villagers think, are snarling animals thirsty for blood and hungry for red meat.

House Cat Stalking A Family Of Moose Accidentally Gets A Showdown In Return

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

Animals in the wild face a lot of challenges to ensure their survival. They have to hunt or forage for food, seek or build shelters, weather everything that nature throws their way, and actively tend to their packs or herds if they want to protect their progeny. It’s a cutthroat life, and any interaction with another creature is usually a matter of life or death.

Man Gives Childhood Sweetheart A Neck Massage That Sets Off Heartbreaking Chain Of Events

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

They say that love can conquer anything, and when you’re in love it certainly can feel that way. However, no matter how head over heels you may be, the world doesn’t just stop—not even when you really want it to. It’s a painful reality that some tragedies can’t be avoided by even the strongest of relationships.

Family Is Certain Their Daughter Is Backpacking In Asia Until She Reveals The Unthinkable Truth

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

Many young students yearn to travel the globe. For some, scrimping and saving can allow them the opportunity to go on an epic adventure. Of course, traveling in style when you’re so young doesn’t always happen, and that’s why most students opt to go backpacking instead.

20 Spellbinding Ways J.K. Rowling Spends Her Millions That Make 'Harry Potter' Fans Love Her More

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

Author J.K. Rowling’s life sounds almost as dramatic as any of the Harry Potter novels that made her famous. When she wrote the books that would bring her fame she was a single mom unable to pay her own rent. Then she sold her book and became an overnight sensation!

19 Weird-But-Valuable Objects That Only The Smartest People Are Searching For

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

Hobbies are an important part of daily life. Sure, we need to go to work and take care of our health, but to live life to the fullest we all need something that we enjoy doing for fun. For many people, this is collecting.

'Mom' Cat Rescued While Nurturing Abandoned Kittens Isn't Actually A Mother At All

By Jenny Friedrickson

Rescuing cats from the streets is a pretty tough job. Some kittens born in this circumstance can become feral without human intervention at an early age. That’s part of why it’s so important that they are rescued while they’re still small.

The Strangest Belongings Passengers Have Ever Left Behind At Baggage Claim

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

When you are flying there’s a lot to remember. Between figuring out where your gate is, to remembering where you’re parked, it can feel a little bit overwhelming. It’s no wonder that so many people often leave things behind at airports.