The rescue team at Los Angeles-based animal rescue organization has saved so many dogs that it’s hard to even count them. But the animal they were recently called to rescue was unlike any they had encountered before.

When the team arrived on the scene, they were a little unsure of how to approach the animal, but what followed was something truly special.

When rescuers first heard about this mysterious animal wandering the streets, they didn’t know what to make of it. They were sent a picture via text that showed it was “disoriented and clearly very sick.”

So when they got up close to the animal, which they eventually named “Julia”, they had a feeling she was no regular dog.

In fact, they had a pretty good idea what she actually was…

Julia was a wolf-dog hybrid!

As they got closer, they saw just how bad her situation was. She had infections all over her body.

She was severely underweight and had numerous open wounds.

They couldn’t tell exactly where she was from, but she did have the remains of a rope around her neck.

They believed that Julia had been abused on a “criminal level.”

She was clearly starving, but she was still very polite when her rescuers fed her.

Tired and scared, she was still  happy to receive their help.

But after arriving at the vet, they discovered just how badly she had been treated.

Julia was diagnosed with demodectic mange, which caused hair loss and scabbing.

They gave her a bath, and it got even worse.

She was extremely thin, and the water caused her scabs and wounds to bleed.

“Julia started bleeding from everywhere,” said one rescuer. “As dirt and blood was coming down into the tub, Julia changed color from a grey and red to a black and yellow.”

Despite her pain, Julia knew help when she saw it. Following her bath, she snuggled up to her rescuers.

Finally, it was time for a much-needed nap.

And nap she did!

Following a night’s rest, Julia was pleased to see her rescuers again.

“Julia is still not wagging her tail — she just shows her appreciation by rubbing her head on me.”

But the rescue process wasn’t over yet. Julia’s infections required around-the-clock care.

Her rescuers are planning on running a DNA test to find out Julia’s exact lineage.

Either way, Julia is finally receiving the love she deserves.

“Julia has special, calm, wise eyes. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s something so special,” said Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope For Paws.

And we can see why!

Recently, she was even able to enjoy some time with her new friends. What a difference some TLC makes!

This sweet wolf-dog is finally in safe hands and ready to recover!