Every once in a while we come across something so strange, it seems like only the supernatural can be involved. Usually people can figure out a logical explanation for weird stuff, but sometimes things just defy all logic. These photos are a few of those times.

None of these odd photos have answers… they just raise a thousand questions!

1. Is the lack of windows meant to keep people out…or in?

2. Okay, this is horrifying.

3. I would run and hide if I saw this on television.

3. There is something highly unsettling about the fact that sperm whales sleep in a vertical position

4. Don’t touch that!

5. That’s a pretty convincing optical illusion, but it’s still startling.

6. So that’s how a seahorse gives birth? Whoa.

7. That face tells you everything you need to know about this situation.

8. You had one job, Oreo maker, and you failed.

9. Are you kidding me? No. Just, no.

10. Gross!

11. This wouldn’t be as bad if not for the “thumbs up.”

12. I really hope that this isn’t real.

13. “Please don’t turn the rudder on, please don’t turn the rudder on.”

14. How could that happen?

15. I can’t even handle how weird that is.

16. Never cut bread horizontally. NEVER.

17. Watch out!

18. If there’s no pit, shouldn’t there at least be a hole where the pit was supposed to be?

After looking at all of these pictures, I think I need to take a cold shower. They’re just so uncomfortable!