We hear about the strange things found in people’s attics and basements all the time. From family treasures to strange artifacts left by past residents, there’s really no telling what can be found in the nooks and crannies of old houses. After all, they’ve seen a lot of history that their current inhabitants can only guess at!

But in 2006, something was found in the basement of an orphanage in London that sent a chill down the spines of even the most experienced explorers. This wasn’t just history; it was supernatural.

Underneath the orphanage were relics of things that do not appear to be of this Earth. When you see them for yourself, you’ll know what I mean!

Thomas Theodore Merrylin was a xenoarchaeologist, fringe zoologist, and crypto-naturalist from Hellingshire, England.

It is said that he spent his days collecting and studying strange, arcane creatures, and not just rare animals. He found creatures that were beyond those of this world.

Like this one, which appears to be part butterfly, part human. Or maybe it’s a fairy? It’s hard to tell, but one thing is certain: This creature is not normal.

Recently, his long-lost collection of relics had been found underneath an old London orphanage. It’s hard to top an abandoned orphanage for a creepy location, but once explorers found these creatures, the basement was taken to a whole new level.

People couldn’t believe the photos that were emerging of these terrifying creatures. This appears to be an animal, but its strange ears and upright stature almost seem like they are elf-like.

Some of them were seemingly human, like the skull in this case, stored alongside other specimens and diagrams of skulls. There’s even a cross necklace in the case!

But others creatures, not so much. This tiny skeleton (with a coin for scale) of a fairy is definitely freaky. Could you imagine this flying toward you in the night?

This doesn’t seem like a normal person’s skull. In fact, it looks like it could belong to an alien with its large eyes and strange looking teeth. The skull on the right looks like it could belong to a monkey or something else altogether.

This looks like a human body that has been mummified. Its arms are crossed like it was in a sarcophagus. What could have been its origin? When did it die?

This horned humanoid couldn’t possibly real…or could it? There’s no knowing for sure. It’s unlike anything most scientists have seen before, that’s certain.

This looks like some kind of dragon or winged goat. What a strange animal! 

It seems like whatever this thing was, it was in a great deal of pain before it died.

What’s scarier than a vampire? How about a mummified baby vampire?

This one looks like it lived in an aquatic environment.

I don’t know what that is, and I don’t want to know.

This one looks like one of Santa’s reindeer gone bad.

They’re not all mythical creatures, though. Here we have some artifacts from the historic Whitechapel murders.

And this decrepit hand once belonged to Rasputin.

If these are starting to seem a little hard to believe, there’s a reason.

They’re actually the work of London-based writer, sculptor, and illustrator Alex CF. He made these unbelievably terrifying creations for his fictitious ‘Merrylin Cryptid Museum’. 

It’s full of terrifyingly convincing fictional creatures.

Such as this werewolf…

This mutilated fairy…

Whatever this thing is…

…the and the legendary vampire Nosferatu himself.

These terrifying creations may not be real, but I’m still going to have nightmares about them tonight!

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