The way some human beings treat their pets is unthinkable. Far too many helpless animals are neglected, abused, and left to die. However, humans are also capable of great kindness and compassion, and for every abuser, there are twice as many people willing to step in and help.

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue is a nonprofit organization in Bulgaria that saves street dogs. Their shelters are frequently filled to capacity, but one day they got a call they couldn’t ignore, even though they were completely out of room.

When members of Rudozem Street Dog Rescue found this pup, he had spent ten days chained to this trailer without food or water.

Kind strangers had tried to bring him the basics for survival, but the owners yelled at anyone who tried to help, saying he had a disease they could catch.

When help finally arrived, the starving dog had deformed legs and a serious cough. 

He was too happy to go with the kind humans who saved him from a terrible fate, but his journey was just beginning.

Even though the shelter was full, the group took the dog in and managed to give him his very own crate. 

They named him “Duke.”

An examination revealed that Duke was just a youngster at only about 10 months old. 

The next day, he went to the vet for a full examination to find out what was wrong with his legs.

They found that his legs weren’t deformed because of a genetic abnormality…

They had been broken on purpose by blunt force trauma when the pup was very young.

Duke would need multiple painful operations to fix his broken legs.

The vets knew they should begin as soon as possible, so they started setting his bones right away.

They wrapped full casts around both of his legs.

They hoped that two weeks in the casts would help his tendons get as close as possible to their normal form.

Through the entire process, sweet Duke was “as good as gold,” they said, “waiting patiently for it all to be over.” 

When they got home from the vet, Duke soon got the hang of walking in the massive casts.

Two weeks later, they returned to the hospital and crossed their fingers…

The good news was that his overall health was improving.

Then, the doctors prepared to remove Duke’s casts and take a look at his legs.

It was working!

Still, they knew Duke would need surgery to fix his legs for good.

The loving dog was quickly becoming a favorite patient of these docs!

They rewrapped his legs to help them continue healing. 

However, they decided to hold off on the surgery, since he was still a growing pup. 

Even though he wasn’t completely healed, Duke was clearly enjoying his newfound freedom…

…even if he had to get the occasional X-ray from time to time.

One time he chewed off his bandages, but his patience and sweet nature shone through anyway. Any who could get mad at that face? 

Finally, the day of his first surgery arrived.

He came through with flying colors!

Duke is clearly over all these vet visits…

Luckily, he was surrounded by lots of love and care through his whole ordeal.

His legs were looking better every day…

…but Duke was still a pup without a home.

Then, something miraculous happened.

The shelter received an application for Duke’s adoption!

The shelter vetted the applicant carefully, and they decided that she’d be a perfect forever home for this lucky dog.

Soon, Duke was off to the United Kingdom to meet with his new family.

Finally, this dog that was once on the brink of death could rest easy.

Now, he spends his days surrounded by the love he has always deserved…

…and he’s happy to have a home of his very own.

Thanks to the dedicated staff at Ruzodem, Duke got a second chance. Great job, guys!