For all the brilliant performances they put on, our favorite celebrities sure do the dumbest things. From getting into battles with the paparazzi to buying the most ridiculous gifts, the stars and starlets of the world don’t always come across as the brightest bulbs in the bunch.

These celebs, however, are a lot smarter than you think. In fact, they’re as smart as some of the leading scientific minds… and they have the IQs to prove it. Are you as smart as your favorite star?

1. With an IQ of 140, Mensa added Madonna to its latest “genius” list.

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2. Nicole Kidman has an IQ of 132, and she’s also a graduate of the Melbourne’s Victorian College of the Arts.
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3. Quentin Tarantino has an IQ of 160, despite being a high school dropout. He then went on to teach himself the fundamentals of filmmaking.Getty Images

4. With an IQ of 142, it’s no wonder Steve Martin originally wanted to be a college professor.Getty Images

5. Action star Dolph Lundgren used his 160 IQ to get a degree in chemical engineering at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology, only to then later receive a graduate degree in the same field from the University of Sydney.Getty Images

6. With an IQ of 154, Sharon Stone has the looks and the brains.Getty Images

7. James Woods has an IQ of 184, which is likely what earned him a full scholarship to MIT and let him take an advanced algebra class at UCLA while still in high school.Getty Images

8. Shakira used her 140 IQ to help her start writing at only eight years old.Getty Images

9. David Duchovny and his 147 IQ graduated from Princeton in undergrad and Yale in a Master’s program, all before The X-Files took off.Getty Images

10. James Franco’s IQ of 130 isn’t surprising, given his time teaching at UCLA, USC, and NYU.Getty Images

11. Pop star Kesha missed a perfect score of 1600 on her SATs by only 100 points. The singer with a 140 IQ also turned down a scholarship to Barnard College for her career.Getty Images

12. Meryl Streep has an IQ of 143 and graduated school at the top of her class.Getty Images

13. Supermodel Cindy Crawford has an IQ of 154, graduated as valedictorian in high school, and studied chemical engineering at Northwestern. Pretty cool, huh?
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14. Matt Damon actually went to Harvard? With an IQ of 160, it’s easy to see why.Getty Images

15. Don’t let the Mr. Bean act fool you. With an IQ of 178, Rowan Atkinson studied as an engineer at Newcastle University, and pursued further studies at Oxford University.Getty Images

16. With an IQ of 135, Tommy Lee Jones pursued undergraduate studies at Harvard. His roommate was none other than Al Gore.Getty Images

17. Natalie Portman speaks six different languages and had two articles published in scientific journals, along with a degree from Harvard. It’s no wonder she has an IQ of 140.Getty Images

18. Kate Beckinsale has an IQ of 132, which led her to study French and Russian literature at Oxford’s New College. She also speaks German.Getty Images

19. You may know her as Phoebe, but Lisa Kudrow’s 160 IQ has afforded her to do many things, including serve as a medical researcher.Getty Images

20. Aisha Tyler has been on everything from Ghost Whisperer to 24, but this clever actress with a 156 IQ can speak three languages, earned a Bachelor’s at Dartmouth, and is one heck of a poker player.Getty Images

21. Ashton Kutcher’s 160 IQ has afforded him opportunities to play a diverse array of characters, which he wouldn’t have been able to do if he went to MIT and Purdue, institutions that both accepted him to study there.Getty Images

22. Before Alicia Keys became world famous, this star musician with an IQ of 154 was poised to go to Columbia University.Getty Images

23. With an IQ of 132, Jodie Foster taught herself how to read before she was three. She also had to balance work as a child star with coursework at Lycée Francis de Los Angeles. She even paused her career to go to Yale and study French.Getty Images

24. You have to be smart to be the Governor of California, and with an IQ of 135, Arnold Schwarzenegger is precisely that. He holds degrees in international fitness and business administration, too.Getty Images

25. Geena Davis is a member of Mensa and has an IQ of 158. Later in her career, she received an honorary Doctorates Degree from Bates College.Getty Images

26. Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame used her IQ of 138 to get into Brown University. She must have done well in Hogwarts!Getty Images

I had no idea Natalie Portman spoke so many languages. What is she doing in Hollywood? She should be in the United Nations!

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