With all the weird things found online, it can start to feel like we’ve already seen everything that’s worth seeing. You may think that there’s no way for things to get any crazier…but think again!

There’s no limit to the wild things to be found around the world, and this series of jaw-dropping photos proves beyond a doubt. Just wait until you see the last one!

1. This is a portrait taken of Adolf Hitler during World War I. In order to squeeze into his gas mask, he was forced to cut his mustache.

2. A before-and-after picture of Marlon Brando with and without his makeup for filming The Godfather.

3. Before they inflate soda bottles with air, they look like this.

4. Artist Loren Stump designed a technique, known as murrine, to slice these glass “loaves.” Each slice is worth $5,000…

5. Believe it or not, these coins are stacked, not glued together.

6. This is what an eclipse looks like at sunset.

7. These perfect cubes are naturally created from pyrite.

8. Before a child’s baby teeth fall out, their skulls look like this.

9. This machine lays bricks.

10. Here’s a comparison of how humans see at night, compared to how cats see.

11. This gorgeous meteorite piece was found in China in 2000.

12. It may look strange, but a traditional cast doesn’t recover bones as quickly as this 3D-printed one.

13. This is a lenticular cloud, a lens-shaped cloud that remains stationary.

14. This image isn’t photoshopped – just one single photo.

15. This is the black swallower fish, which has the disturbing ability to consume prey that is 10 times its size.

16. A rendering of what the island of Manhattan looked like around 1609, compared to today.

17. Patek Philippe & Co. is known as one of the finest watchmakers in the world. This is what the inside of one of their watches looks like.

18. Here is a stretch of the Mexican-American border.

19. GE’s Revolution CT is able to produce these shockingly accurate scans.

20. This cabbage has a surprisingly intricate geometry.

21. Each of the one million pixels in this image is a different color.

22. An underwater cable’s cross-section looks like this.

23. This is what a shuttle launch looks like from the International Space Station.

24. Before there were automatic pinsetters, these boys did it by hand.

25. This is a real photo of Maho Beach in Saint Martin.

26. Here is a sinkhole in Guatemala.

27. A mothership supercell in Colorado.

28. The MGM Lion.

29. The first-ever Walmart.

30. The Golden Gate bridge under construction.

32. Fireworks in focus.

We truly live in an amazing world. The best part? There’s still more amazing discoveries out there, just waiting to be found!