If you take medication, you know the drill: Every month you have to go to the pharmacist to get your prescription refilled, and you get a new plastic bottle. That means that it’s time to throw the old bottle away, leaving you wondering what you could possibly do with all those empty pill containers besides ruin the environment with them. It seems like such a shame to just throw them out when they’ve outlived their original purpose!

Well, as it turns out, there are plenty of alternatives to just throwing out your plastic pill bottles!

Check out some of the best creative ideas to keep these useful little bottles away from the garbage bin… and on the way to your next big crafting adventure.

1. Organize your spice rack using all of your leftover bottles. Simply replace the labels with the names of the spices, and then you have uniformly sized containers for all of your favorite cooking items!


2. Keep your matches dry using a pill bottle. Simply take the strip from the match box and put it on the outside so that you’ll be able to strike it. The best part about using a pill bottle is that it’s childproof. No fear of the little ones starting a fire!

Crafty Librarian CT

3. These bottles make adorable tiny gift boxes! The possibilities are endless for the different ways you can decorate them. So neat!


4. Amp up the glitter factor on your storage using gems. Most craft stores have gems with adhesive backs that let you attach them to surfaces in strips, making for an easy and glamorous upgrade to the bottles!

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5. Make your own makeup brush holder from one of your old bottles. It may seem obvious, but we’re willing to bet you never considered doing so until right now!


6. Tidy up your desk using these bottles. Every desk item can have its own tidy home, and different sized containers can be used for different objects. Perfect!


7. Keep your headphones nice and tangle-free using a pill bottle. You can keep it in your purse and even decorate it so that it will be easy to find the next time you’d like to listen to music, hassle-free.

8. Seed storage for the gardener in your life can be made easy with pill bottles. Every cover can have a label, and the different sized containers can correspond to the different amounts of seeds.

9. Hide a stash of hair pins in a bottle! They’re the perfect size and height to ensure that you’ll some ready in your purse for the next time you have a hair emergency.


10. Use them as travel-size containers for when you fly. That way you can keep your conditioner and shampoo secure and safe in perfectly sized containers. 


11. Store change for laundry day.

One Good Thing By Jillee

12. Make a small sewing kit. 

Clip With Purpose

13. They’re designed with an impenetrable seal, so use cotton balls to dab a bit of your favorite perfume and store it in the container for later!

DIY Inspired

14. Store cotton swabs on the go.

Home Talk

15. Keep an emergency cash stash that’s waterproof!


16. Safely hide a spare key.

Thrifty Fun

17. Keep your chapsticks all in the same place.

18. Make a handy first aid kit.

19. Always know where your new batteries are, and never go digging again.

20. Make a beautiful picture and message holder.

21. Create a beautiful, stylish, and useful candle holder.

22. Instead of a boring old valentine, use an old pill bottle to make a fun, and cute candy “prescription”!

23. For the bakers out there, turn those bottles into fun little holders for your piping tips!

24. Going camping? Starting a bonfire out back? Try keeping petroleum-jelly-soaked cotton balls in old pill bottles.

25. Likewise, a pill-bottle survival kit could be, well, a lifesaver!

There are so many different ways to use these pill bottles, so what are you waiting for? Get to work!