Here’s Why You Should Never, Ever Throw Out Old Prescription Bottles

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If you take medication, you know the drill: Every month you have to go to the pharmacist to get your prescription refilled, and you get a new plastic bottle. That means that it’s time to throw the old bottle away, leaving you wondering what you could possibly do with all those empty pill containers besides ruin the environment with them. It seems like such a shame to just throw them out when they’ve outlived their original purpose!

Well, as it turns out, there are plenty of alternatives to just throwing out your plastic pill bottles!

Check out some of the best creative ideas to keep these useful little bottles away from the garbage bin… and on the way to your next big crafting adventure.

1. Organize your spice rack using all of your leftover bottles. Simply replace the labels with the names of the spices, and then you have uniformly sized containers for all of your favorite cooking items!


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