There are few simple joys as great as a relaxing dip in the tub. But not everyone knows how perfect a warm bath can be, and there are some who actually have some pretty mixed feelings about them. I’m talking, of course, about our pets.

Thankfully, some pet owners decided that their poor furry friends misery was worth documenting. And the results are predictably hilarious!

1. “I hate you.”

2. Glorious versus furious.

3. Not everyone hates bath time!

4. “Stop.”

5. Those wet paws, tho!

6. “Whoa.”

7. Shrink ray: activate!

8. The loss of trust here is obvious.

9. “I think I look cute.”

10. “I no longer love you.”

11. “Just kidding, I like the bath.”

12. Hope is lost.

13. “The horror! The HORROR!”

14. “Friendship over.”

15. “This is not the park.”

16. Revenge plot beginning in 3..2…

17. Yikes.

18. Your Cat: Melted.

19. Buds in suds.

20. “I will salt the fields and poison the water supply. My wrath will reverberate through this place for a millennia.”

21. They all seem rather resigned.

22. Unfazed.

23. Someone’s a little shy.

24. Those eyes peer into the soul.

25. Long hair, don’t care.

26. “Grab a towel. Let’s talk.”

27. “Hissssssssss.”

28. “I will be tripping you on the stairs tonight.”

29. “Porque?”

It could always be worse, little guys: you could be headed to the vet! Plus you smell so squeaky clean, now!