He Discovered These Abandoned Kittens On A Road, But He Had No Clue What They Really Were.

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One day, on his morning route to work, Hamdan Shibli found something totally unexpected in the middle of the road: three kittens, huddled together on the ground. Hamdan looked for their mother, but after he was unable to find her, he quickly moved them off the road.

Shortly after transporting the cats to the safety of a nearby bush, Hamdan discovered that these weren’t just average kittens. They were so much more.

After discovering the kittens in the middle of the road and failing to find their mom, Hamdan had to move them to safety.

01-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedHamdan Shibli

Hamdan put them in some roadside bushes in case their mother returned, and he planned to come back to check on them.

02-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedHamdan Shibli

But after he posted pictures of the kitties online, he was shocked to discover…

03-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedHamdan Shibli

…they were actually jungle cats, a wild species indigenous to Asia! Learning this, Hamdan returned next day to the bush where he’d left them. Their mom still wasn’t there, and he decided it was time to take action.

04-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedHamdan Shibli

The kittens were all sick and had lots of ticks, so Hamdan placed them in a basket and went for help.

05-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedHamdan Shibli

Tragically, one of the three kittens didn’t make it, but the others kept fighting.

06-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedAfeka Clinic

Help was just around the corner.

07-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedAfeka Clinic

Hamdan handed them off to vets at a wild animal hospital.

08-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedNehorai Aklian

It was there that they determined that both of the surviving kittens were male and no older than 5 weeks.

10-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedNehorai Aklian

The vets gave the kittens fluids and a milk substitute.

12-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedOfer Brill

They needed to help the kittens gain weight so that they could eventually be reintroduced back into the wild.

13-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedOfer Brill

Soon they were able to eat solid food.

14-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedOfer Brill

Things were looking good.

15-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedOfer Brill

Eating actually became a favorite hobby of theirs!

16-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedOfer Brill

They were getting closer and closer to being able to return to the wild.

19-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedOfer Brill

While the jungle cat isn’t endangered worldwide, there are only about 600 in Israel, where these kittens were found.

20-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedLavi Lilo

That means these two are very important to the local population!

17-jungle-cat-kittens-rescuedOfer Brill

It’s a miracle that Hamdan just happened upon these little guys before it was too late. Now, they’re getting the help they need to make it back to the wild where they belong. Thanks, Hamdan!

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