There are some movies that fans just can’t ever get enough of, and that’s definitely true for action films. Who doesn’t want to see their favorite heroes come to life in all their action-packed, computer-generated, out-of-this-world glory?

Guardians Of The Galaxy was especially endearing among comic enthusiasts for its rather obscure backstory and characters compared to highly touted mega-hits like Avengers and Transformers. But the film appealed to all types of moviegoers as well, and naturally, there’s no shortage of fans who want to know more about it.

Check out these 38 facts that no Guardians fan will want to miss; #20 even reveals a special announcement!

1. Yondu, played by Michael Rooker, appeared in the original Guardians comics back in 1969. Described as an expert archer in the comics, he shot down his enemies with an arrow of perception, also called a sentient arrow, in the film.