From the moment you open your eyes in the morning until your head hits the pillow at night, there are a million things that need to get done. Sometimes it can leave a person dreaming in vain of getting a 25th hour added to their day.

There are some people who aren’t content to suffer or merely dream of sweet relief. Instead, they get to work hacking their lives to make even the most basic tasks they undertake as painless as possible. Some of the hacks are totally inspired, while others are proof of just how ingenious lazy people can really be…

1. When you order food for delivery it’s usually because you’re feeling a little lazy. So, it’s understandable that when the food arrives you might not want to get up and get it. This hack is perfect for any lazy, hungry person.

Elle Mills / Twitter

2. Sleeping on a plane can be hard with everyone moving about the cabin and the lights in your eyes. If your hair is long enough, you can make an eye mask so you can get in a good nap during your flight.

Raveaso / Twitter

3. Everyone knows you can easily make a single cup of coffee with a Keurig machine, but someone found an even better way to utilize this machine. You can use the hot water to make your instant lunch even more instant. 

Hidden Valley / Imgur

4. This man took his vacation relaxing to another level. He built a small platform for his drink to be propped up on and then slipped the straw through the beach chair slates. This is the level of vacation everyone should achieve. 

Hidden Valley / Imgur

5. During the winter months, satellite dishes can freeze making your signal drop. This guy thought of a genius way to quickly de-ice his. The bigger the satellite, the bigger the water-gun needed.

Hidden Valley / Imgur

6. This little boy is next level genius when it comes to hacking the system. His mom told him that he wasn’t allowed to have food in the living room — and that he wasn’t allowed to bring the tablet into the kitchen. Well, problem solved!

Girl With No Job / Instagram

7. When we were kids, one juice box was enough, but with an adult appetite, one just won’t cut it. The best way to get around this problem is to simply keep the juice boxes in a pack and insert each straw. Now you can drink from all six pouches at once. Much better.

Nicole Zhu / Twitter

8. Every parent needs to know about this hack! If you want your kids to help out around the house when you ask them to, just withhold the WiFi password from them until they finished their chores. 

Iwouldlikeadairycow / Reddit

9. Ladies who wear false lashes will appreciate this hack. First, purchase a Kinder egg. Then, eat the chocolate. Finally, store your lashes and glue in the little yellow egg.

Dani / Twitter

10. Laptop accessories can be really expensive, so this hack is perfect for someone on a budget. Just cook a big ol’ omelet and use the empty egg carton as a laptop stand. The egg slots act as an insulator and will help keep your laptop cool.

Mehavesuperpowers / Reddit

11. Laying in bed while watching a movie on your tablet can be a little uncomfortable — like, laying on your side while your arm becomes numb from holding out the tablet or worse… dropping the tablet on your face because you’re trying to hold it above your head. This hack is a game changer.

Hemming17 / Reddit

12. It’s always difficult to reach in the back of your fridge and grab something. You end of knocking over everything and having to reorganize the whole shelf. Adding a Lazy Susan to your refrigerator can help eliminate this mess before it happens.

Food Storage Moms

13. Headphones always get tangled in your backpack or purse. You end up spending hours trying to untangle them just to get frustrated and give up. Just grab a small hair clip and use it to keep your headphones neatly bundled.

DengusKhan / Imgur

14. When you have multiple keys on your key ring, it’s easy to get them confused. You can paint the tops of each key a different color with nail polish so that you can easily differentiate between each key.

DengusKhan / Imgur

15. It’s hot, cold, raining, snowing — there are many reasons to cause someone to not want to get out of their car to pump gas. Whatever the reason may be, this person took advantage of their backseat passenger to pump gas from inside the car. 

HiddenValley / Imgur

16. Now we aren’t condoning cheating on tests, but if you’re going to do it, make sure it’s foolproof. This person wrote a few formulas inside of their fake nails to help themselves out on their test that day.

beigecardigan / Instagram

17. When you’re young, you don’t always have proper home appliances like an iron and ironing board. This college kid came up with the brilliant idea to use the bottom of a hot pot to iron his dress shirt.

SarinShards / Reddit

18. This woman broke her razor, and since razors can be unnecessarily expensive, she thought of a way to fix it for the time being. She grabbed a pair of needle-nose pliers and used them to hold her razor. Good as new!

AncientChineseSecret / Reddit

19. Summer days should be spent lounging by the pool and indulging in your favorite beverage. You’ll never have to get out of the pool again with this hack. Attach pool noodle pieces on each side of a plastic tub and let the good times float on.

makgeek / Instructables

20. Carrying your groceries inside the house can be a pain. You only have so many hands, but this handy trick will keep your trips back and forth to the car at a minimum. Keep laundry baskets in the trunk of your car and load them up when you’re done checking out.

indomitableme / Tumblr

21. Face care with banana peels: Skin care products a little too pricey? Rubbing a banana peel on your face has a multitude of benefits. It fights acne and works as a skin moisturizer, nutrient supplier, and as a wrinkle fighter. You can use it all over your face or as just a spot treatment.

22. Pepper brightens your clothes: If you feel the vibrancy of your clothes is fading after several washes, just head to your spice rack. Grab your black pepper, add a spoonful to your washing machine (along with your dirty laundry), and wash like normal. Your clothes look faded from soap residue that stays on your clothes after washing. The pepper is an exfoliant and strips away that funky gunk. 

23. Washing machine cleaner: And if you’re noticing that your washing machine has an odor to it, chances are it needs to be cleaned (it doesn’t clean itself). To fight off bacteria, place a little bit of baking soda and vinegar in your empty machine and run a wash cycle.

24. Going camping? Rafting? It would sure help to have a waterproof lighter handy for a cozy campfire afterward. No problem, just grab a condom, wrap the lighter, and tie it tight. Turns out those trusty rubbers cover way more than we thought.

25. Tomato face mask: Just like bananas, tomatoes are packed with vitamin A, B6, C, E, and K. In fact, many expensive face masks use tomatoes as an ingredient. So if you’re trying to nourish your skin with nutrients, just cut open a tomato from your refrigerator and let the healing begin.

Tomi’s Colour Pavilion

26. Wine Wednesday hack: We’ve all forgotten to chill our wine and had to use ice cubes. The ice melts and it waters down our perfect glass of rosé. Instead of using ice cubes, use frozen grapes. That way your wine stays cold without the dilution, AND you have a yummy snack at the end of the glass.

27. Lemon water every morning: Lemons are good for you, but most of us don’t enjoy biting into the sour fruit. The solution? Squeeze a fresh lemon into your morning glass of water (which should be tepid, not cold). This will help startup your digestive system and refresh your skin. Lemons are also full of Vitamin C, B-complex, citric acid, copper, calcium, and iron.

28. Aluminum foil heals pain: According to Chinese and Russian physicians, wrapping a body part in tinfoil opens meridians, or energy pathways, and promotes healing. This can alleviate muscle pain, flu symptoms, sooth skin related issues, and reduce pain. Foil is good for things other than protecting your brain from aliens!

29. DIY iPhone black light: If you ever need a quick black light, then you’ll only need four household items. Grab your iPhone, clear scotch tape, a blue sharpie, and a purple sharpie. First, place a piece of scotch tape over the flashlight and color it blue. Then, place another piece of tape over the flashlight again and color it purple. When you turn on the flashlight now, it will be a black light.

30. Listerine foot bath: Mix a half cup of mouthwash (containing alcohol), half cup of vinegar, and two cups of warm water to create a foot bath. This will remove and heal dead, cracked, and callused skin — not to mention leave your feet smelling minty fresh!

31. Soap under your sheets: Putting a bar of soap under your sheets can allegedly help people who suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). RLS disorder forces you to move your legs during your sleep (and lose sleep in the process). The soap counteracts the acidification in your muscles that causes the discomfort.

32. Quick way to freshen up a room: If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to clean (or have run out of all your cleaning supplies), grab a couple of dryer sheets, and tape them to the front of a fan. Your house will smell like you spent all day cleaning it.

33. Banana slicer: Just insert a pin, wiggle it from side to side, and repeat the process approximately every inch or so. When you peel your banana, it will be cut into perfect slices ready for you.

34. Tea bag dirty dish cleaner: The annoying part of doing the dishes is trying to scrub the caked-on leftovers off your pan. To save time, just fill your sink or pan with warm water and let three tea bags soak. The tea will lift the stuck on food right off your pan making washing easy.

35. Can straw holder: Have you ever put a straw in your carbonated can and struggled to drink from it because it’s jumping all over the place? Well, the tab actually doubles as a straw holder! Just turn it 180°, and place your straw through the hole. You’ll never have to chase your straw with your tongue again.

36. DIY dustpan: You don’t always have a dustpan readily available, but you might have plenty of plastic jugs and bottles on hand. Cut out the corner of the bottle that’s attached to the handle, plus the handle (as shown below) and you have a DIY dustpan.

37. Use a can opener to open tough packages: Those factory-sealed plastic packages you can never open are not only frustrating, but dangerous, too. Save your fingers the cuts! Use a bottle opener to slice the plastic sealed packaging. 

38. Finger protector: Let’s face it, we aren’t all talented carpenters. But that doesn’t mean we must call for help every time we need something fixed. To expertly hammer a nail, for instance, you can just use a clothespin to hold the nail in place, then hammer away. Your fingers will thank you.

39. Water-proof shoes: Canvas shoes are great for the warm summer months. They’re not so great at keeping your feet dry during those summer storms. All you’ll need to do is rub beeswax all over your shoes and then dry it with a blow dryer. Voila! They’re water proof!

40. Sponge vegetable crisper: Your fruits and vegetables will be the first to absorb any moisture that accumulates in the cold fridge, so place a couple of sponges in the crisper. They’ll absorb the airborne moisture and keep your fruits and vegetables fresher, longer.