20 Top-Secret Photos Taken By Drones In Forbidden Places

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Photography is an art form that is constantly evolving with the introduction of new technologies. From instant film to digital cameras, photographers have been able to make new and exciting creations as more and more tools are available to them. The latest invention to seriously change picture-taking is the drone.

Drone technology allows us to view places that we’d never otherwise have access to. While most show us pictures that help us appreciate the beautiful world we live in, some do the opposite and depict a horrifying reality.

The images that follow surely belong to the second category, but it’s still important to look at them, no matter how hard it may seem. After all, many of these places are too dangerous to visit without the help of modern technology.

1. Syria. The ongoing Syrian Civil War has been disastrous for anyone caught in the gunfire. This image from a drone shows some of the Syrian tanks, and the surrounding destruction from the fighting.

2-forbidden-drone-footageRussia Insider / Youtube

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