Despite how our ancestors in the Renaissance may have felt about having skin like porcelain, these days, we don’t find that too desirable. So it’s understandable that people turn to all sorts of methods to achieve the perfect tan.

The thing is, when you have a fake tan, you run the risk of having a fake tan disaster. And when that happens, nobody wins… except for maybe the people who get to laugh at you!

1. That’s a “situation,” alright…

2. Real-life Bratz doll.

3. Wearing all white with that tan sure is bold.

4. What happened on the eyes? Run out of toner?

5. He asked for burnt marshmallow.

6. It looks like she forgot to wash off her beauty mask.

7. His mouth is weirding me out.

8. Is that a Pokemon?

9. No Direction.

10. Their parents must be so proud.

11. What color would that even be? I’m gonna need a paint swatch.

12. Missed your forehead, brah.

13. Sad clown.

14. Smooches for douches.

15. I have a hard time believing that they aren’t wax.

16. Burnt Sienna crayon in human form.

17. SMILE.

18. Bret Michaels is looking pretty interesting these days.

19. His hair wants nothing to do with that tan.

20. That’s a face-swap, right?


22. There are a lot of colors to process here.

23. I’ve been making the same face through this whole post.

24. Ate too many carrots?

25. OMG.

I know it’s easy to feel green with envy when you see someone with a good tan, but let’s not let that turn us orange with bronzer. It ain’t worth it, people!

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