Becoming a heavy hitter in Hollywood isn’t something just anybody can do. It takes amazing talent, an unmatched drive for success and a healthy dose of luck as well. Only a very small percentage of people possess the qualities it takes to make it big on the silver screen.

The comedic virtuoso Robin Williams is someone who had all three of these characteristics from the very beginning of his career. If you watch any performance of his—comedic or dramatic—you’ll instantly realize why he was a star. He simply had a magnetic personality, and few just couldn’t tear their eyes away.

You’ll be even more impressed after reading these 33 little-known facts about this respected and accomplished actor!

1. You might have a hard time believing this fact based on Robin Williams’ popularity, but when he was a young boy, he claimed he had very few friends because he was so overweight. He actually started imitating voices to entertain himself as a result.