While we might blanch at the $4.50 price tag slapped on a coffee-shop latte, we still fork over the cash for that caffeine fix just as easily as we shell out a few dollars for a gallon of gas. You might think these are the most expensive liquids in your life, but they’re actually far from it!

These 15 liquids have the highest estimated price tags per gallon for a variety of reasons. And, despite costs that make filling your tank seem like chump change, some of them might be sitting in your house right now…

1. Horseshoe crab blood ($53,250 per gallon): Pharmacologists only return this crustacean to water after they drain a bit of its blood, which serves as the perfect test subject for pharmaceuticals. The reason?

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A horseshoe crab’s blue blood does not contain hemoglobin, so when it comes in contact with a pathogen, it clots quickly. This allows pharmacologists to easily test new medicines for life-threatening toxins.

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2. Chanel No. 5  ($23,300 per gallon): You could buy a new car for the cost of just one gallon of this iconic French perfume—made from flower petals and rare roots—which sells for $105 per 1.7 ounces.

3. Mercury ($2,966 per gallon): Quicksilver takes a liquid form at room temperature, making it the vital component in glass thermometers; chemical and agricultural industries use the element, too! But be careful…

Exposure to vapors can cause mercury poisoning, which damages the central nervous system and causes the shakes. Hat makers used to work with mercury and contract the sickness often, giving it the nickname: Mad Hatter Syndrome.

4.  D’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme ($35,598,000 per bottle): The world’s most expensive alcohol—made with lemons from Italy’s Amalfi Hills—comes in a bottle decorated with diamonds. It’s a drink fit for a king or queen!

5. King сobra venom ($135,700 per gallon): One bite from a king cobra can kill a full-grown elephant, but humans still tempt fate by collecting their venom anyway. It’s saving lives (and costing a fortune)!

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Proteins unique to king cobra venom act as a painkiller. Moreover, the proteins elicit neurological reactions in mice that help medical experts better understand diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s!

6. Black printer ink ($2,380 per gallon): There isn’t a catch or a gimmick; printer ink doesn’t secretly battle deadly diseases. But the cost of individual printer ink packs makes it insanely expensive by the gallon.

7. Penicillin ($226 per gallon): Discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1929, this antibiotic treats countless infections and saves lives every single day (yet, it’s still way cheaper than printer ink).

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8. Human blood ($1,330 per gallon): Most people regularly donate some of their 1.3 gallons of blood, but the cost of storing and processing it seriously ups its per-gallon value.

Michigan Health

9. Scorpion venom ($34,626,000 per gallon): Scorpion venom is a neurotoxin that affects the nervous system of its prey, either paralyzing or killing it. It’s also the most expensive liquid in the world! But why?

Experts believe the medical possibilities of scorpion venom are endless. Rare proteins found within it might someday treat Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and even cancer!

10. Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid ($2,210 per gallon): Though people used the psychoactive drug for nefarious purposes (it’s now illegal in many countries), it has true medical benefits in treating narcolepsy and alcoholism.

11. LSD  ($109,200 per gallon): The semi-synthetic psychoactive drug that inspired most 1960s music earns a high price tag, too. It’s illegal in most countries, so acid trippers pay out the wazoo to get their hands on some.

12. Insulin ($13,100 per gallon): Produced in the pancreas, insulin helps control the amount of sugar in your blood. But a diabetic doesn’t make the hormone naturally…

Diabetics once used insulin extracted from pigs and cattle, but now, scientists grow the life-saving liquid inside Escherichia coli bacterium or yeast cells, a highly technical process – hence the big price tag.

13. Liquid paper ($150 per gallon): Less than 1 fluid ounce of liquid paper might set you back a few bucks, but making a gallon of it cost about as much as one night at a hotel. So go easy on the typos, that is, if you have a vacation planned!

14. Patchouli essential oil ($605 per gallon): Harvested from the Pogostemon plant this essential oil fights off skin problems. At $12 for 2 ounces, the price for a gallon could get you a month in a studio apartment!

15. Nail polish ($2,200 per gallon): At about $9 for half an ounce of it, Essie’s chip-resistant nail polishes prove that fashion statements aren’t cheap. Worth the price?

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