TV and film are loaded with stories about decadent crime lords who are practically drowning in their own wealth. Their cruel ways and unfathomable crimes lead to more riches than the average person could ever think possible.

You probably think there’s no way that people like that could really exist, right? Well, apparently they do, and boy, are their homes mind-boggling.

These photos were taken after police raided the home of a major drug lord in Mexico City, and what they found is even crazier than in the movies.

This isn’t a hideout. It’s practically a palace! It’s hard to believe that this was the actual home of an actual person, but this was the home of a drug lord in Mexico City.

First they found these matching pistols, each with a solid gold Virgin Mary on the grip. Not excessive at all, nope. 

Here’s a .357 Magnum with a gold grip and barrel. It looks like something out of a movie, but it’s definitely real and belonged to someone living their everyday life.

He really had a thing for guns. There were endless display cases for his collection. It looked like a museum dedicated to the history of firearms inside of his home.

He had his own man-made grotto that looks like a desolate cave, complete with a hot tub. Can you imagine this being in your home?

Here’s the backyard pool, complete with cherubic statues. Talk about a fancy backyard! Most hotels don’t even have pools this nice.

He had his own private animal enclosure, which included these black jaguars. Normal pets don’t suffice for someone with this much wealth.

He also had eight—yes, eight—lions. It’s hard to imagine this was an ideal situation for a wild animal to live in, especially one as large and active as a lion.

He even had a white tiger… those are extremely rare. It would be hard to find one of these in a zoo, never mind in someone’s home!

His collection of exotic art was mostly stolen, of course. Treasures from around the globe littered his home everywhere you looked.

Oh, hey! More guns! It looks like these took more of an active role in the collection, as opposed to the ones in the glass cases.

Then there was this absolutely unreal pile of hard cash that looked like something out of an episode of Breaking Bad.

This pile alone is estimated to be about $200 million. Just imagine trying to spend that much money in your lifetime. It would take some serious persistence!

Police found guns hidden in every nook and cranny of the house. It makes you wonder if he was paranoid about intruders. With a case stash like this, it’s not hard to imagine why.

The same goes for cash, which they kept finding in every cupboard. That’s the problem with that much cash…it’s tough to store. If only the rest of us law-abiding citizens had that problem, eh?

All of the money was in $100 bills. Really. Every single bill in that case is $100.

There’s more money here than most people will earn in a lifetime.

I wonder if the architect had to plan for all these cash closets.

Any one of these stashes could set a hundred people up for life.

This doesn’t even look real, but rest assured, it is. All of those bills are real and worth $100.

Let’s not forget about the drugs though. This whole pile is comprised of illegal substances confiscated from the drug lord’s home. 

You just can’t ever have enough gold guns, can you?

When you need to kill someone but you want to do it stylishly, there’s this terrifying gun that looks like it belongs in space.

This was all obtained through the most horrific means imaginable, but it’s hard not to look at this and think — for a moment — that crime really does pay. That is, until your mansion gets raided.
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