You should never, ever cheat on your significant other, and that goes double if you’re married. There are all sorts of moral reasons not to do it, but if that’s not enough, let’s also not forget that your partner may go bananas and try to get revenge.

When these people discovered that they were being cheated on, they decided to do something about it… and you’ll be sooo glad they did! I can’t say I feel too badly for these cheaters, they absolutely had it coming their way.

1. Here’s hoping they gave her a discount! 

2. Wow, he’s lucky she didn’t cut his cable too!

3. Because it’s not murder if she gives you fair warning.

4. Here’s hoping he likes scavenger hunts!

5. They spent all the money at Chuck E. Cheese. They regret nothing.

6. The tasteful clip art is a great touch.

7. Yes, yes, but what sort of shape is the furnace in?

8. Hopefully the salt water will get that off.

9. At least the tires aren’t slashed. He can still drive to the auto shop.

10. Awww that’s so… thoughtful?

11. Hope Michael still has his American Express handy.

12. I feel like maybe this could have been more effectively executed. 

13. If you do the crime, you do the time.

14. I’ve done worse to see Journey in concert. 

Bonus Aaron Paul tweet!

15. “Oh snap” does not begin to cover it.

It’s true what they say, cheaters really do never prosper! I bet these people really ended up regretting their decisions. Honesty is the best policy, everyone!

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