After they’ve brewed their regular cup of morning coffee, most people simply toss the messy filter and grounds in the trash. But you shouldn’t!

Your love of coffee doesn’t have to end after you’ve poured that brew. In fact, there so many uses for coffee grounds beyond just making a drink, and once you see them, you’ll never throw out your grounds ever again.

1. Fertilizer. Using the grounds as fertilizer can help attract worms and hold in water.

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2. Natural pest control. The smell of coffee might be pleasurable to us, but a number of pests can’t stand it.

3. Remove scratches. Gently rubbing grounds against scratch marks on wood can help remove discoloration.

4. Growing carrots. Adding coffee grounds to your soil can help carrots grow faster.

5. Scrubbing pans. The grounds are also helpful for removing grit from your pans.

6. Fridge deodorizer. Placing a bowl of grounds in the fridge is a great way to remove unwanted smells.

7. Sink deodorizer. (The same goes for tubs!)

8. If you’re tired of your cat (or even the neighborhood cats) walking through your beloved garden, you can keep them away by sprinkling coffee grounds and placing an orange peel where you don’t want them to go.

9. Compost. In addition to attracting worms, the grounds add extra nitrogen to your compost.

10. Air freshener. Make your house smell like your favorite coffee shop by placing grounds near vents.

11. Ash catcher. Trickling grounds over wood before setting a fire can stop ashes from flying around.

12. Candles. A candle that’s infused with coffee beans has the best smell.

13. Skin scrub. Coffee grounds as a skin scrub can help revitalize your face and reduce cellulite.

14. Hair treatment. Proponents of the “coffee treatment” say that putting grounds in your hair during a shower can help it shine and brighten it.

15.Who would have thought that those simple grounds could be so useful? Well hang in there—there’s one one more amazing tip waiting on the final slide!

16. Freshen your hands. If your hands are smelly, coffee grounds are a great way to change that.

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