Guy Walks Into Nightclub Bathroom And Gets The Surprise Of His Life

By Paul Fox

Everybody makes mistakes – some worse than others, resulting in severe consequences. Take going out for a night of drinking, for example. We all know the risks of drunk driving, but some people do it nonetheless.

20 Supernatural Events That Experts Still Struggle To Explain

By Ryan Unger

Almost every event that has occurred over the course of history has some explanation behind it. Whether it’s the origin of a war, some kind of a social movement, or even the death of a loved one, there are traceable reasons for these events that we use to understand them, reflect, and find closure.

23 Of The Craziest Archaeological Finds Ever Made

By Paul Fox

Whether dinosaur fossils or ancient documents, studying artifacts found on archaeological digs can give us great insight into cultures and people we’d never know about otherwise.

24 Hilarious Pictures That Prove That Cats Will Be Cats No Matter How Big They Are

By Angie Barnes

When most of us think of cats, we probably picture small house cats that tear up our furniture and walk all over our keyboards. We love them, but they’re a far cry from their bigger, more exotic relatives in the wild.

20 Top-Secret Photos Taken By Drones In Forbidden Places

By Paul Fox

Photography is an art form that is constantly evolving with the introduction of new technologies. From instant film to digital cameras, photographers have been able to make new and exciting creations as more and more tools are available to them. The latest invention to seriously change picture-taking is the drone.

15 People Who've Just Been Cheated On And Didn't Take The News Lying Down

By Tom Carlson

You should never, ever cheat on your significant other, and that goes double if you’re married. There are all sorts of moral reasons not to do it, but if that’s not enough, let’s also not forget that your partner may go bananas and try to get revenge.

40 Photographs That Show Our Planet Is In Deep Trouble

By Maggie Watson

Global warming is a major problem around the world. Our increasingly industrialized society has caused the planet’s natural resources to deplete for decades, causing rapidly changing weather patterns and heavy pollution.

When You See What Happened To This Guy, You'll Stay Away From Drugs Forever.

By Angie Barnes

The horrors of drug addiction are uncomfortable to think about, but sometimes, we need to be reminded of how much damage they do. If it prevents even one person from getting hooked, then it’s worth it.

88 Absurd Signs That People Actually Thought Were Good Ideas

By Maggie Watson

Few things are as important in this world as a sign. After all, they tell us what we can and cannot do, where to go, and what to expect. If it weren’t for signs, the world might be in complete chaos.

25 Of The World's Most Dangerous Airports To Avoid When Booking Your Next Flight

By Maggie Watson

The fear of flying is one of the most common phobias people have, but there’s really nothing to be afraid about. Sure, you’re traveling at hundreds of miles per hour through the air, but you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than getting in a plane crash.

23 Mugshots From This Woman's Decade Of Crime Tell A Tragic Tale

By Mark Hardy

When we are children, we are trained to believe that if we break laws, we’ll suffer horrible consequences. Sure, some people commit minor offenses every once in a while, but we learn from our mistakes, and rarely do we consistently turn to crime. For some people, however, after the first time they’re arrested, it’s difficult to escape from the cycle.

34 Chilling Photos Taken Just Moments Before Tragedy Struck

By Angie Barnes

The wonderful thing about photographs is the same thing that can make them the most eerie: they preserve a moment in time forever. If it’s a happy moment, a photo is fantastic. Sometimes though, the moment captured is harrowing – either for what’s happening… or even worse, what’s about to happen.

21 Shocking Presidential Secrets That The American People Were Never Supposed To Know

By Maggie Watson

When you think of the president of the United States, you picture a dignified individual in a suit, giving a well thought-out speech. But in reality, presidents are people too, and they’re far from perfect. All of the leaders of our history have their secrets and their strange flaws.

Forgotten London Mansion Was Empty Since 1895... Until Someone Finally Ventured Inside

By Maggie Watson

The city of London is full of history, though it’s easy to forget that when you see what is now a thriving, modern city. As generations pass and more of the city becomes modernized, it becomes harder and harder to learn about previous inhabitants’ lives.

This 'Insane' Woman Draws This For Her Doctor... And That's When He Realizes The Shocking Truth.

By Maggie Watson

Modern medicine is a wonderful thing, but it’s still very much a work in progress. Even the most highly skilled doctors can miss something in a patient, and when they do, the consequences can be disastrous.

Never-Before-Seen Historical Photos Were Locked Away In A Vault... Until Now

By Paul Fox

National Geographic has published some incredible photographs in the 125 years its been in print. Since its inception in 1888, it has been known for breathtaking photos and insightful, pioneering photojournalism. The magazine has featured awe-inspiring images from countless photographers in each issue, but many of these photos have never been published.

Man Finds A Hidden Room In His Old Attic, But No One Was Ready For What Was Inside

By Maggie Watson

Rudi Schlattner and his family fled their home in Czechoslovakia after World War II came to a close. As they escaped the encroaching Soviets, they were forced to leave all that they had behind and start anew.