Young Woman Opens Up After A Puzzling Controversy Got Her Kicked Out Of Prom

By Leah

You play that one song a hundred times, imagining a hundred iterations of your dance to it. You find the perfect dress that you’ve tried on a million times in front of the mirror. You get ready four hours before you need to leave, just in case. It’s finally prom night, and everything is going to be perfect!

The Masterminds Behind The Most Epic Pranks The World Has Ever Seen

By Dan Fitzpatrick

Everybody loves a good prank — well, except whoever falls for it. “You’ve got something on your shirt” is way overdone at this point, but every once in a while, a stunt gets so elaborate that it can fool millions of people, or even the entire world.

Oldest Shipwreck In The World Was Just Uncovered And Researchers Are Dumbfounded

By Francesca Rea

Scientists aboard a research ship in the Black Sea monitored a screen broadcasting surveillance data from more than a mile beneath the surface. Nothing groundbreaking appeared…until a blip sounded. Everyone standing around leapt to attention.

21 'Unshared' Secrets About The Man Behind Facebook

By Dan Fitzpatrick

How many times have you checked Facebook today? The web giant is so omnipresent that it’s easy to forget that it was once just an idea in the head of Mark Zuckerberg. And when the introverted programmer launched Facebook in 2004, he never could’ve guessed it would make him an icon.

The Trump Family Leads An Even More Extravagant Life Than People Suspect

By Francesca Rea

Politics aside, there is no doubt that Donald Trump is a real estate wolf. From a young age, he’s had an eye for the market and a keen understanding of buying and selling properties. So, it’s no surprise that his net worth is over $3 billion!

20 Breathtaking Photos That Show Nature At Its Most Wacky Moments

By Valerie Mulder

Mankind is incredibly skilled at creating artificial objects and works of art. But while no one will argue the profoundness of the statue of David or the impressiveness of the Mount Rushmore, nothing beats the handiwork of Mother Nature.

Guy's Simple Writing Exercise Accidentally Led To One Of The Most Successful TV Shows Of All Time

By Maggie Watson

Thirty years ago, sitcoms featured moral families, powerful friendships, and heartfelt messages. Those television audiences would not have believed you if you told them that, by 2018, the longest running live-action comedy series of all time would be about five horrible bar owners slowly devolving into psychopaths, heartless slobs, and peddlers of a drink called Fight Milk.

The 20 Most Secretive Weddings Hollywood Has Never Seen

By Dan Fitzpatrick

It’s hard not to picture a ton of fanfare, over-the-top decor, and famous guests when you think of the typical celebrity wedding. The bride and groom often become the stars of their own blockbuster marriage! But not every Hollywood couple wants it that way.

20 Incredible Facts About The Most Famous People In History

By Dan Fitzpatrick

Even though we see famous faces on book covers and dollar bills every day, it’s easy to forget they were human. Just like us, they were real people with a complex array of motivations and emotions. Oh, and they were pretty weird, too.

6-Year-Old Turns His Diagnosis Into A Bold Scheme That Defies Expectations

By Valerie Mulder

While a butterfly flapping its wings could theoretically create a tornado, a small act of kindness can grow just as large, touching more and more people until it snowballs into something larger than life. Every day we go about our business thinking that the small things we do won’t have a big impact — but they can!

10 Deeply Weird American Towns That Many People Don't Even Know Exist

By Dan Fitzpatrick

From coast to coast, the United States is filled with picturesque small towns, with corner stores and church steeples, that would be right at home on a postcard. However, tucked inside the wilderness and off lost highways, there are other communities that look nothing like the ideal small town — some don’t even look like they’re from this planet!

The 20 Most Breathtaking Royal Homes From Around The World

By Francesca Rea

We all have different ideas of what it means to be royal. If you’ve seen the 2001 movie Princess Diaries, for instance, you might assume royal living means being waited on hand and foot and throwing royal sleepovers. While all of that sounds like heaven, royal living doesn’t stop there.

24 Goofy Wildlife Photos That Prove Mother Nature Definitely Has A Sense Of Humor

By Leah

When you walk outside and breathe in that fresh, crisp air — taking in all the trees and the birdsong — it’s one of the most meditative experiences attainable. Nature is a church, open to everyone from every walk of life. And the best part about it? That life can come on two legs, four legs, or even more.

Hidden Masterpieces That Only The Most Observant People Could See

By Valerie Mulder

While we’re often in a rush or looking at our phones while we walk around our cities, it’s important not to forget to look around every once in a while. You might run into a spark of creativity — hidden little “Easter eggs” only the most observant will notice!

25 Incredible Vintage Photos That Most People Have Never Seen

By Dan Fitzpatrick

Inside your wallet or in the picture app on your phone, you’ve probably got a photograph that’s special to you. You might not look at it every day, but it’s important to you that it’s there. That’s because the best photos bring the past to life, right down to how people were feeling and thinking at that time.

20 Wild Details About Hollywood Stars That Even Their Biggest Fans Haven't Heard

By Matthew Castoral

Stars may try to keep to themselves, but tabloid speculation and unfounded rumors have a way of painting an inaccurate portrait of these individuals in the public eye. More often than not, however, the truth always prevails — and it’s not what anyone expects.

20 Actors Who Turned Down Huge Roles And Changed Film History Forever

By Maggie Watson

People love shelling out big bucks to see muscled-up men and women punch bad guys in the face. That’s why, in Hollywood, the phrase “superhero film” is synonymous with “blockbuster” — but only if executives cast the right talent.

The 20 Most Unusual Jobs That Only These Dogs Can Do

By Valerie Mulder

Whether it’s to boost the economy, run a household, or help others fulfill their dreams, we all have a job to do in life. And that daily grind is so much easier when we perform it with a positive attitude and try our very best. No one knows this better than worker dogs!

Winning The Lottery Has Another Side That People Don't Want To Talk About

By Maggie Watson

It’s a Thursday when the lottery winner buys her fifth luxury car. She parks it near her new mansion, which has a dark chocolate river in the backyard. Her only worry for the day is if dinner’s Maine lobster will be perfect or just about perfect. This is a snapshot from the life of the average mega millions lotto winners…right?

20 Hilarious Moments Of Pure Jealousy That Were Accidentally Captured On Camera

By Leah

You might not want to admit it, but the truth is we’ve all been jealous before. Maybe it was when your co-worker got the latest iPhone, or maybe it was when your parents made a big fuss over your brother’s latest get rich quick scheme. Whatever caused it, jealousy is a very human emotion.

Woman That Sees A Strange Package In An Airport Trash Can Decides She Can't Stay Silent

By Ryan Unger

Airports take security very seriously. They have to! It’s the vital job of TSA agents to ensure that the items people bring onto commercial airlines don’t pose any kind of threat. Sometimes, however, people are unfortunately forced to discard things that have sentimental value due to the safety constraints.

The One Simple Trick People Wish They Knew Years Ago

By Dan Fitzpatrick

There are plenty of do-it-yourself projects out there that are better left to MacGyver. So don’t sweat it if you don’t know how to build a lie detector out of a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, and alarm clock.

The Ancient Dog That's Played A Part In Over Two-Thousand Years Of History

By Maggie Watson

Dog lovers make it a point of emphasis to learn all they can about their favorite species of pooch. They know hounds like beagles boast killer noses and those long-legged Greyhounds can run with incredible speed. But still, one beloved breed of dog remains a mystery…

Young Woman Parties Her Way Into NYC's Elite Before The FBI Catches Onto Her Scheme

By Valerie Mulder

New York City has a reputation for being flashy and glamorous, full of celebrities, socialites, artists, and heirs. They encompass the trifecta of high class: money, fame, and scandal. And when Anna Delvey appeared on that social scene, socialites of every kind loved her.

The Unusual Reason This Pit Bull Has One Baby That's Not Like The Rest

By Clayton Aldrich

Dogs didn’t earn the title of man’s best friend for nothing. Through their unwavering loyalty and a happy-go-lucky approach to life, pooches have a way of endearing themselves to humans everywhere. But that title can pigeonhole dogs a bit—they just want to love everyone, man or beast!