The Untold Story Of The Amusement Park Showman Who Saved Millions Of Babies

By Matthew Castoral

Believe it or not, we’re only a few decades removed from the days of the common cold being just as deadly as the flu. With medical knowledge at a premium back then, what were the parents of sick babies to do when it seemed like nothing they tried was working?

People Are Now Drinking Leftover Pickle Juice And The Effect Is Unreal

By Valerie Mulder

Cleopatra believed pickles and their juices kept her young and beautiful, yet, these vinegar-soaked cucumbers have fallen short of the pharaoh’s high praise in today’s world. The sour snack has ended up mostly as a garnish for burgers or sandwiches and less like a veggie-based Fountain of Youth.

City's Attempt At A Daring Stunt Unleashes An Uncontrollable Force No One Saw Coming

By Maggie Watson

Marketing a city is a tall task. Leadership must highlight all the city offers travelers while showing those looking to relocate that they can make a buck and raise a family. So, in 1986, one city conducted an eye-catching publicity stunt.

Mom's Weird 'Treatment' For Sunburns Has Doctors Weighing In On Whether It Really Works

By Maggie Watson

A day in the sun is a lot of fun, but the ensuing sunburn is not. Those red blisters that make showering a nightmare are a cruel punishment for enjoying a little rest and relaxation, and worst of all, there’s no cure but patience…or is there?

20 Simple Tricks To Prolong Groceries' Shelf Life And Save Some Serious Bucks

By Liz Collins

Ever spent a Sunday drooling over your farmer’s market haul, only to open the fridge two days later and find half your goodies are bruised, floppy, and on the verge of rotting? Buying quality food isn’t cheap, yet a lot of the time, those once-fresh fruits and veggies go straight to the trash can.

20 Genius Uses For Straws That Have Nothing To Do With Drinking

By Leah

There has been a lot of serious talk about a plastic straw ban lately. Disposable straws are so ubiquitous that they account for a significant amount of waste, and what’s worse, they’re ending up in our oceans. Beyond reducing your use, there’s still more you can do when it comes to straws.

Woman Living Out Of A Bread Truck Reveals The Reason Behind Her Unusual Arrangement

By Dan Fitzpatrick

Living in your car isn’t exactly the peak of luxury. Sure, it saves you a lot of dough, but curling up in your backseat every night and constantly battling with the backdoor for leg room doesn’t sound like the most pleasing arrangement in the world.

20 Brilliant Tricks That Are Saving People Time And Money In The Coldest Of Temperatures

By Francesca Rea

It’s the middle of January, there’s snow on the ground, and you’re running late to work. You run outside only to slip on the ice you forgot to banish before you left. Then, you go to get your snow brush only to see your locks are now frozen shut. Winter, you think, is just so hard to deal with…

20 Strange Household Hacks Using Everyday Items That Make People's Lives So Much Better

By Francesca Rea

You work well over 40 hours a week, you’re tight on cash, and you just want to make your life a little easier. So you invest in fancy cleaning products and spend an absurd amount of your paycheck on five-minute beauty regimes…and it still feels like you’re wasting time and money you don’t have.

Clever Spots To Hide Valuables That Thieves Would Never Think To Look

By Dan Fitzpatrick

Is your home protected against burglaries? Sure, you could lock away your possessions in a giant underground vault or install a series of laser tripwires in the hallway. But after you spend all your savings on a fancy security system, you’ll have no money left to guard!

20 Radical Uses For A Soda Can Most People Never Even Imagined

By Dan Fitzpatrick

Whether you call it “pop,” “soda,” or “coke,” all soft drink consumers have one thing in common. Once you’ve downed your fizzy beverage of choice, you likely throw the aluminum can away or smash it against your forehead and then throw it away. But you might want to rethink that…

20 Genius DIY Projects That Take A Home From Bleak To Chic

By Maggie Watson

Some People still live in a home that hasn’t been redecorated since the ’70s, complete with shag carpet and floral linoleum. Others just pumped their savings into a brand-spankin’ new home and it needs a few final touches to make it look slick. Unfortunately, classing up a boring home can be expensive—but it doesn’t need to be.

More And More People Are Ditching Their Home For This Wild Lifestyle

By Maggie Watson

For most people, life on a boat likely wouldn’t be much of a swashbuckling adventure. You’d be constantly rocking with waves in cramped quarters while begging for WiFi. That is, unless you’re living on this tiny houseboat.

Simple Home Remedy For Smokers Sounds Strange But Works Wonders

By Angie Barnes

Most smokers know the risks and adverse health effects of cigarettes—the increased risk of heart disease and lung cancer being some of the deadliest. And while kicking the habit can lead the way to a healthier future, the long-term effects of smoking aren’t completely reversible. But did you know there’s an easy-to-make drink that can help?

23 Genius Home Hacks That Will Help Everyone Weather The Winter

By Maggie Watson

When winter hits hard, it can be a nightmare if you’re not prepared. Without the proper tools and planning, snow, ice, and that unbearable finger-numbing cold can ruin even the sunniest day.

Do This Trick Instead Of Throwing Used Coffee Grounds Away

By Maggie Watson

After they’ve brewed their regular cup of morning coffee, most people simply toss the messy filter and grounds in the trash. But you shouldn’t!

Guy Digs A Hole In His Backyard And Makes His Neighbors Insanely Jealous

By Paul Fox

Everyone has wild ideas for their home and projects they wish they could do, but not everyone actually follows through. When it comes to large-scale projects in your backyard, it takes a lot of time and effort to execute something well.

22 Tricks Every Homeowner Should Know To Keep Their Family Safe

By Paul Fox

When it comes to taking care of your home, security should be one of your first priorities. It’s just too simple these days for criminals to break in and steal your valuables. Sure, there are plenty of elaborate locks and alarms that you could install, but what happens when a determined burglar gets past them?

These Brilliant Life Hacks From 1900 Still Work Wonders Today

By Maggie Watson

If you were born within the past few decades, you probably don’t know how ubiquitous cigarette advertising used to be. From ads on television to vending machines in neighborhood restaurants, smoking was a much more visible part of everyday life in America.