23 Genius Home Hacks That Will Help Everyone Weather The Winter

By Maggie Watson

When winter hits hard, it can be a nightmare if you’re not prepared. Without the proper tools and planning, snow, ice, and that unbearable finger-numbing cold can ruin even the sunniest day.

These Ungrateful Cats Have No Use For Expensive Gifts And They're Not Afraid To Show It

By Tom Carlson

Getting a gift for your cat is always a crap shoot. Sometimes the most elaborate ones are completely ignored while an old cardboard box instantly becomes an object of overwhelming affection.

People Who Take The Term 'Parking Fail' To Another Level

By Tom Carlson

Learning to drive a car is a rite of passage. There’s nothing like that first time you get behind the wheel by yourself on the open road, and you instantly feel confident and free.

Man's Backyard Project Makes All His Neighbors Green With Envy

By Maggie Watson

There’s no better way to spend the summer than by the side of the pool, especially when you don’t have to go any further than your backyard. When it’s just you, the cool water, and those hot summer rays, all your stress just melts away.

Man Tweaking A Bike Transformed It Into The Object Of His Dreams

By Paul Fox

True craftsmen can see one thing and imagine it as something completely different. However, it takes serious dedication and skill to actually transform that one thing into the object of their dreams.

Man Drags 4 Shipping Containers To His Property And Turns Them Into Something Incredible

By Maggie Watson

In the old days, moving into a new house was nothing like what it is today. You didn’t call a real estate agent and hire a moving van. Instead, you traveled across the country until you found a bare patch of land. Once you found the perfect spot, it was time to build your house with your own two hands.

New Uses For Tension Rods That Are Secretly Genius

By Tom Carlson

Tension rods are great for holding up your shower curtain, and that’s pretty much it… or so we thought!