Young Girl That Was Abandoned In The Jungle Survives Thanks To A Confounding Turn Of Events

By Ryan Unger

Every parent will agree on one thing: having a child kidnapped would be an unfathomable nightmare to live through. Unfortunately, it does happen, and the only thing a mother and father can do is pray that they return home safely.

Identical Twins Who Insist On Matching Their Lives Take Things To A Whole New Level

By Francesca Rea

Twins have, what some might argue as, the strongest connection in the world. People have long been fascinated by the bond that they share. Some twins might look identical but choose to live entirely different lives, while other twins prefer to try and be as similar to their twin as is possible.

20 Everyday Objects That Look Just Like Food Despite Being Completely Inedible

By Francesca Rea

Food is an essential part of our lives. Not only do we need it to survive, but enjoying what we eat is one of life’s simple pleasures. Whatever you enjoy noshing on, food is something we all think about multiple times a day.

What This Popular Meal Is Actually Made Of Is Not What People Think

By Ryan Unger

The United States does plenty of trading with other countries, but one of the biggest nations we deal with is China. We spend billions of dollars each year importing all sorts of goods, especially food.

Man Tired Of Children On His Lawn Decides To Take Matters Into His Own Hands

By Maggie Watson

As a kid, you were probably scarred by a neighbor yelling at you to get off his or her lawn. Yet as an adult, you’ve probably at least been tempted to shout away a few trespassing kids yourself. Well, one Virginia man shouted so much, that he had no choice but to try something different.

Mom Adopts Triplets Before Receiving Life-Altering News Just Weeks Later

By Maggie Watson

For some, the road to parenthood can be downright painful. Doctor’s appointments pile up, feelings of inadequacy fester, and all the while, the decorated nursery stays empty. One married couple from Tulsa, Oklahoma, knew that pain all too well.

20 Supposedly 'Irrational' Phobias That Actually Make A Ton Of Sense

By Maggie Watson

We all have things that scare us. Maybe the idea of death sends shivers down your spine, or small spaces put your brain on red alert. Maybe you’re old fashioned and just terrified of spiders or snakes. Something out there scares you? sure, but life goes on. However, some people carry fears so intense that daily life becomes practically impossible.

Couple Moves Into A New House Before Quickly Noticing Their Dog's Strange Behavior

By Tom Carlson

It takes a lot of time and energy to train a dog. But once you’ve gotten their attention, they’re smart enough to perform just about any trick. Though it can be some seriously hard work, it’s definitely worth it in the end.

Australia Wants To Pay People To Live On A Perfect Island For 2 Years But There's A Catch

By Tom Carlson

Everybody wants to get away from it all, no matter how much they love the bustle of their daily lives! But it isn’t easy to actually to escape from the world, especially not if you’re on a fixed income. Who has the money for a true escape, right?

19 Weird-But-Valuable Objects That Only The Smartest People Are Searching For

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

Hobbies are an important part of daily life. Sure, we need to go to work and take care of our health, but to live life to the fullest we all need something that we enjoy doing for fun. For many people, this is collecting.

Man Pulls Strange Eggs Out Of A Log And Watches Them Hatch In The Palm Of His Hand

By Paul Fox

On the Island of Oahu, Hawaii there’s no shortage of stunning mountains, brilliant beaches, and otherworldly sights. For that reason, the island has long been a hotspot for adventurers and vacationers looking for thrills. But not all of the island’s beauty lay on its sandy shores and tree-lined peaks.

20 Mystical Places Of Legend That People Can Actually Visit In Real Life

By Matthew Castoral

Humans have always used myths and legends to explain everything from the weather to the afterlife. For centuries, these stories helped people to have a better understanding of the world around them.

Precious Stone Uncovered Deep Within The Earth Contains A Mineral People Have Never Seen

By Paul Fox

Plenty has been said about how much of outer space, and even the oceans, have been left undiscovered, but what you may not hear about as much as that is the abundance of undiscovered wonder under the Earth’s surface. Sure, it may not be full of life, but there’s still a great deal to be studied!

20 Strange Subway Sightings That Prove Taking Public Transportation Is Always A Wild Ride

By Ryan Unger

Ahh, the joys of public transportation. Every day, millions of people ride the subway and that means people from all walks of life are briefly thrown together for a (hopefully) smooth ride to their destination. For many people, it’s their only way of getting around!

Old Wooden Chest With A False Bottom Exposes An Ancestor's Curious Past

By Maggie Watson

You can learn a lot about a person based on the secrets they keep hidden out of sight. People will turn a photograph of an ex-partner face down on their desk or use safes to keep the things they love stowed away. That’s a lesson one young man learned when he inherited a family heirloom.

Man Who Thought He Captured Bigfoot Really Got An Even Stranger Creature

By Tom Carlson

When children are small, one of the first things they learn are the names of common animals. Cows, sheep, and ducks usually make this list of ordinary farm-bound critters. But there are other more mysterious animals that they don’t learn about, at least, not until they grow up!

11 Of The Most Common Lies That Teachers Tell Their Students

By Maggie Watson

History class is where we go for the truth of it all: names, dates, events. It’s the who, what, when, why, where of our planet, with facts straight from the record books and people who lived what we now call history. So of course, everything you took from your history teachers is the bonafide truth, right? Maybe not…

Man Stumbles Upon A Treasure Trove Hidden From German Forces For 7 Decades

By Angie Barnes

During WWII, Nazi leaders found that waging a war against the world’s superpowers was a bit more expensive than planned. They started requisitioning the personal assets of non-combatants to resell and fund their war machine. As citizens of the world didn’t like their stuff being taken, they devised methods for keeping their property safe.

Man Stumbles Upon A Time Capsule From The 1940s Tucked Away In His Own Attic

By Paul Fox

Old houses can be fascinating places. Sure, as a homeowner they can be a struggle to maintain and often require renovations, but if you’re willing to put in the work, buying historical property tends to be a valuable investment. Sometimes you can get even more of a payout than you bargained for!

5 Puzzling Cases That Went Cold Before The Tiniest Clues Cracked Them Wide Open

By Maggie Watson

When authorities have investigated every angle and avenue of a missing person’s case without finding answers, sometimes officials have to just call it quits on active searches. It would take too many resources to follow the cold trail. Unfortunately, that typically means the missing person isn’t getting found—but not always.

Real-Life Hermit Lived Isolated From Society For 27 Years Before A Foolish Mistake Ended It All

By Clayton Aldrich

The desire to escape to solitude is all too common. With the immense stresses of everyday life, getting away from it all can certainly be appealing. While a week-long vacation will usually suffice, for others, not even a month or a year is enough. In some cases, it can take decades.

Woman Having 'Mental Breakdown' Hands Doctors A Drawing That Exposes The Real Cause

By Maggie Watson

Thanks to developments in modern medicine, we can live healthier, longer lives than ever before. But that doesn’t mean medical professionals are perfect – even the most skilled physicians and nurses can improperly diagnose a condition. If that happens, the consequences can be grave.

Parents Quarantine Themselves 700 Days Straight For The Most Heartbreaking Reason

By Ryan Unger

In today’s world, we’re so fortunate to have access to modern medicine. Researchers and scientists make breakthroughs every day, and their knowledge of the industry is expanding at an exponential rate. It’s hard to picture life without the help of medical professionals.

New Evidence Says Owning A Cat May Cause This Later In Life

By Maggie Watson

Breaking news: cats can drive you crazy. Alright, so maybe that’s late-breaking news, but anyone with a cat can testify that their feline’s furniture-scratching and late-night energy bursts can be enough to trigger more than a few headaches.

Woman Rescues Strange 'Dog' Only To Discover It's Something Else Entirely

By Ryan Unger

Animals have the ability to surprise us when we least expect it. Even when we think we know our pets better than they know themselves, they reveal something that makes us take pause. One woman in Japan learned this firsthand!