Rare 'Sea Wolves' Have People Questioning Where Dogs Really Come From

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

For centuries, wolves have been feared by villagers who feel the canines might snatch children from beds or wreak havoc on the village’s livestock. Wolves, those villagers think, are snarling animals thirsty for blood and hungry for red meat.

Dog Rockets To Fame After People See The Crafty Trick That He Loves To Pull On Strangers

By Maggie Watson

In Los Angeles, waiters pass off their screenplays to dining producers, while bank tellers pitch a film to someone just cashing a check. Almost everyone in the city of 4 million people wants a piece of the Hollywood pie, so the next big movie star might be the guy bringing you an $18 steak at a diner off the 405.

Man Flies Hundreds Of Dogs Around The Country For The Most Unusual Reason

By Maggie Watson

Throughout years of military service, Paul Steklenski honed his combat skills. He saw battlefields light up, heard the sounds of war, and suffered and survived all the horrors of armed conflict. But years after he rejoined civilian life, he faced another impossible mission.

10 Dogs Who Brought Loyalty To A Whole New Level

By Valerie Mulder

There are highly trained dogs capable of detecting bombs, protecting homes, or servicing the special needs of their owners. These high-stakes skills take months to hone, and not every pooch can master the training! So imagine how miraculous it is when a household pooch saves the day…

20 Totally Unapologetic Pets That Were Caught Red-Handed

By Francesca Rea

As pet owners, we imagine that when we leave the room for a minute or go to work our pets just sleep and lounge around all day, patiently waiting for us to return. But that’s not always the case. In fact, our pets often lead secret lives that we never get to see…

Woman Who Stumbles Upon An Injured Dog Miles From Civilization Is Forced To Make A Tough Decision

By Dan Fitzpatrick

For Tia Vargas, hiking was more about recreation than survival. Her biggest challenges were usually limited to overcoming sore muscles, battling a dry mouth, or treating the odd scrape or bruise. But on a hike in July of 2018, she faced a new and completely unexpected challenge.

4-Year-Old Lost In The Siberian Wilderness Gets A Miracle From An Unlikely Hero

By Maggie Watson

Siberia is not for the unprepared. If the animals don’t get you, the mucky bogs and wetlands might be what do you in. And while navigating that terrain, you have to look out for wintry temperatures of, like, -70 degrees Fahrenheit… and did we mention there aren’t a lot of people around to help you out when you’re in trouble?

20 Open-Minded Animals That Made Their Own Adorable Family

By Leah

For decades, fathers and mothers raised two kids and a dog and all was well. But now we’ve come to understand family in a different way, and, as we move away from that traditional family, we’ve become more open to new, even unexpected relationships.

20 Sleepy Animals That Were Caught Napping In The Most Hilarious Positions

By Valerie Mulder

The alarm jolts you awake. Your hair’s a mess, your eyes barely open, and you suddenly remember every reason you don’t want to go to work that. There is almost never a time where we wish we couldn’t snooze a little more.

Museum Is Robbed Blind Before The FBI Hunts Down The Unlikely Culprit Days Later

By Maggie Watson

People go to museums to be wowed. They want to get popped in the face with a little bit of unknown history or bathe in the glory of new information and beautiful artifacts. But if guests visited one Philadelphia museum on August 22, 2018, they were treated to something a little different.

House Cat Stalking A Family Of Moose Accidentally Gets A Showdown In Return

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

Animals in the wild face a lot of challenges to ensure their survival. They have to hunt or forage for food, seek or build shelters, weather everything that nature throws their way, and actively tend to their packs or herds if they want to protect their progeny. It’s a cutthroat life, and any interaction with another creature is usually a matter of life or death.

Family Hearing Odd Sounds In Their Wall Get A Ghastly Sight Waiting Behind The Bricks

By Matthew Castoral

Ask around, and it seems like every homeowner has a complaint about their living space. The front door is too squeaky. The bathroom floor is tilted. But as time goes on, it’s these little quirks that really make a place feel like home… unless, of course, that quirk turns out to be something living.

The Strange Reason Hundreds Of Wild Goats Are Being Lifted Into The Sky

By Valerie Mulder

Mountain goats are fascinating animals. They may look silly with their long faces and sometimes out-of-control horns — but don’t let their funny traits fool you. These amazing survivors can climb the steepest slopes and live off practically nothing.

Young Girl That Was Abandoned In The Jungle Survives Thanks To A Confounding Turn Of Events

By Ryan Unger

Every parent will agree on one thing: having a child kidnapped would be an unfathomable nightmare to live through. Unfortunately, it does happen, and the only thing a mother and father can do is pray that they return home safely.

Drone Flying Over Farm Captures Distressing Scene That Has One Man Racing Against The Clock

By Francesca Rea

Drones are the newest fad when it comes to technology these days. People use them for work, leisure, and art. Dave, a man from Ontario, Canada, likes to use his drone as part of his love for photography.

Family's Strange Pet Got Loose In Florida Before Thousands Of Its Children Began Taking Over

By Valerie Mulder

How often do we actually give snails any thought? They are usually looked at as slimy, harmless creatures who slowly crawl across our sidewalks and nosh on our plants. But that’s all there is to them, right?

Six Years After Cop Rescues An 'Unadoptable' Dog, The Two Have A Dramatic Encounter In The Woods

By Maggie Watson

Not every animal can be easily trained, and then they become terrors in the house with too much energy or aggression. And the sad truth is, some folks write these dogs off as disasters, or ‘unadoptable’ — not fit for life with a family. But it takes just one person to see an animal’s potential and change everything.

18 Wild Creatures That Celebs Actually Kept As 'Pets' Despite All Common Sense

By Ryan Unger

Deciding to welcome a pet into your family is a wonderful decision. So long as you can properly care for them and give them the love and attention they deserve, day-to-day life is just better when you have a cool little animal buddy to share it with.

Couple Moves Into A New House Before Quickly Noticing Their Dog's Strange Behavior

By Tom Carlson

It takes a lot of time and energy to train a dog. But once you’ve gotten their attention, they’re smart enough to perform just about any trick. Though it can be some seriously hard work, it’s definitely worth it in the end.

Man Pulls Strange Eggs Out Of A Log And Watches Them Hatch In The Palm Of His Hand

By Paul Fox

On the Island of Oahu, Hawaii there’s no shortage of stunning mountains, brilliant beaches, and otherworldly sights. For that reason, the island has long been a hotspot for adventurers and vacationers looking for thrills. But not all of the island’s beauty lay on its sandy shores and tree-lined peaks.

Sailors Notice A Strange Animal Stranded On Ice And Take The Only Humane Action

By Ryan Unger

Crab fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Skilled crewmen battle frigid temperatures and rough seas all so we can enjoy those tasty crustaceans when we go out to eat at a fancy seafood buffet. Fisherman literally put their lives on the line for our appetites.

Babies And Dogs Meeting For The First Time Didn't Really Go As Their Parents Hoped

By Paul Fox

New parents sometimes worry about the risks of pairing their newborn tot with a dog. A high-energy pup might trample over the fragile young one, or an older, wiser canine might not respond so well to a baby’s hands-on curiosity. Their worries may be warranted—but not always!

'Mom' Cat Rescued While Nurturing Abandoned Kittens Isn't Actually A Mother At All

By Jenny Friedrickson

Rescuing cats from the streets is a pretty tough job. Some kittens born in this circumstance can become feral without human intervention at an early age. That’s part of why it’s so important that they are rescued while they’re still small.

Man Who Thought He Captured Bigfoot Really Got An Even Stranger Creature

By Tom Carlson

When children are small, one of the first things they learn are the names of common animals. Cows, sheep, and ducks usually make this list of ordinary farm-bound critters. But there are other more mysterious animals that they don’t learn about, at least, not until they grow up!

Disabled Farm Animal Finds Hope In The Most Unlikely Place

By Tom Carlson

How great would it be to know what our pets are thinking at any moment in the day? Unfortunately, we might not be skilled in the languages of our furry friends — but that doesn’t mean other animals can’t give it a shot.