They Didn’t Think That This Dog Would Live To See Tomorrow… Until Something Amazing Happened.

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Diane and Tony Rowles have seen everything. After leaving their home in the U.K. in the mid-2000s and making a new home in Rudozem, Bulgaria, the husband and wife came across the many stray dogs living in the local streets — and often mistreated by their neighbors.

When they learned that the nearby shelters were just as bad, the couple started the ‘Rudozem Street Dog Rescue’ to help their furry friends. But after many years of saving stray dogs, the Rowles found one dog that seemed impossible to save.

The dog wasn’t difficult to locate on the streets, given her terrible condition. But when the Rowles found her, it was clear just how desperate she was.

01-dying-street-dog-rescuedStreet Dog Rescue

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