Strange Island’s Creepy Secret Discovered After 80 Years Of Mystery

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Due to hunting and destroying the environment, it can’t be denied that humans have caused devastation among the rest of the animal kingdom. We have caused the extinction of a number of species throughout history. When a species goes extinct, generally these animals are never to return to the planet.

But every now and again, unbelievably, some creatures are gifted a second chance. If you can catch the population right before their last numbers die out, there’s always the possibility for hope.

Off the coast of Australia, on a windswept, largely inhospitable spit of jagged rock known as Ball’s Pyramid, a strange and ancient creature has made a startling comeback. But it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before.

This towering figure against the horizon of the Pacific may look like the castle from Frozen, but it is, in fact, an island known as Ball’s Pyramid.

balls pyramid John White

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