There are a lot of inventions out there that fall somewhere between genius and idiotic. After all, it’s not like an inventor never mistakenly made one thing while trying to create another.

Still, that middle ground between engineer and moron is definitely an entertaining one!

Never before has that been as obvious as after you see some of these, uh, geniuses. When you see their “inventions,” you might be impressed… or maybe just terrified.

1. How do the wheels help here?

2. Ahem?

3. Geronimo!

4. What basketcase made this?

5. Would this even work?

6. Zipped tight.

7. Steamy.

8. Should I use my foot?

9. Nothing could go wrong here…

10. More like Fyundai.

11. “Just shove three flashlights in there — I said three!”

12. …But, does it work?

13. This is such a bad idea.

14. This guy knows what’s important.

15. Raaaaawwrrrr.

16. Tea, anyone?

17. Sure, why not.

18. This is art.

19. This one’s a shoe-in for the best invention.

20. Shocking.

21. But… how?

Sure, most of these have a 53% chance of killing you (I may have fudged the math a bit) but they’re also pretty cool. You have to admire people who think outside the box!

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